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[Webinar recap] Gen Z Way of Customer Service

Customer service today plays a vital role throughout the entire customer journey. What was once limited to a post-sales experience is now an integral function right from the very beginning of the customer journey. Customers today want to engage with a brand in a more personal way, right when they need to and through the most preferred channels. This shift in customer expectation impacts the enterprise in many ways — and has a significant impact on the customer service function. 

In a recent webinar that we hosted on the Gen Z way of customer service, Viraj Sheth, Account Executive at, talked about the evolving customer expectations and how to meet the customers’ need for speed with an advanced conversational helpdesk system. Let’s delve into it.    

Customer service plays a crucial role in customer experience  

Of course, the basis of customer service is 24/7 availability on your customer’s most preferred channels.

Today, it’s the new breed of customers that rule the marketplace – right from product to service, and they want their experiences as personal and seamless as possible across all touchpoints. “Generation Z,” as we know them, is setting the stage for the new age of assistance – a growing demographic every brand wants to pay attention to. One of the most effective ways to communicate with this generation is to meet them in a channel they most prefer. Due to their highly connected lifestyles, they wish to communicate with brands through channels that are most accessible and convenient. This growing group of customers wants a fast, friendly, and effective response, and they want your availability 24/7.  

Generation Z is increasingly loyal to the retailers, products, brands, and companies that consistently provide exceptional value with minimum friction. And the main reason they leave a brand is poor customer service.  

Therefore, reducing the customer effort and any friction in the customer journey is the secret to customer satisfaction and loyalty.    

Moving from a conventional helpdesk system to a conversational helpdesk system  

In a conventional customer service approach, questions become tickets, and people become numbers. Once the questions pile up, they stay in the queue until the final issue resolution. The conversations become slow and impersonal. This traditional model usually falls flat in meeting customer expectations for speed and personalization. That’s where the importance of the conversational helpdesk system comes into play.   

Keeping your customer service centered on customer conversations is the most efficient way to provide personalized service at scale and solve queries faster to keep your customers happy.  

The conversational helpdesk system works on a conversation-first model that meets your customers’ need for a speedy resolution and eliminates queues against a conventional ticketing system where customers are treated as mere tickets.  

In this webinar, we discussed all these scenarios with our audience with a very informative Q&A session. 

In the webinar series – the new era of customer engagement, we spoke in detail about using customer conversations as a catalyst to advance your business at scale.

The other topics in the series include:

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  • The GenZ way of customer service is here - and it's conversational!
  • Why cross-channel engagement matter in customer engagement strategies?
  • How to build a collaborative customer service operation?
  • How to get a 360° view of customer behaviour by unifying customer data?
  • The importance of customer data in resolving support queries 
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