WhatsApp Business API.

Empower your marketing, sales and customer service with our WhatsApp Business Solution.

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WhatsApp Business API Benefits.

Seamless Conversations Get high open rates with just one tap on a WhatsApp CTA button on your website.

High Conversions use various entry points for WhatsApp conversations and increase response and conversion rates.

Reduce Time and Costs by minimizing waiting times by shifting the traffic from calls to WhatsApp.

Possibility to Automate customer support and handle more queries with bots.

High Service Availability easily invite customers for a WhatsApp chat via website.

Smart Handover at the right time empowers your agents to focus on the conversations that matter.

Trusted by brands worldwide

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Turn Conversations into Conversions

Reach and engage your customers on their most preferred mobile channel. Beat the competition, meet customer's demands and improve the quality of offers.

  1. Identify more opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell

  2. Close more leads in less time via WhatsApp bot 

  3. Re-engage prospects and get rid of cart abandonment

  4. Deploy the bot on WhatsApp number. Send notifications and updates

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Enrich Your Customer Service 24/7

Support customers 24/7 - Allow your customers to talk to you on their favorite messaging app. Automate customer service conversations with the WhatsApp chatbot, whilst reducing pressure on your customer support team.

  1. Send faster, accurate automated responses like service updates

  2. Answer common questions, handle repetitive enquiries with a bot

  3. Answer common questions, handle repetitive queries with a bot

  4. Improve CSAT while reducing cost with automation

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WhatsApp for marketing

Optimize the Productivity of your Marketing Process

Automate conversations via WhatsApp bot and generate high-value leads. By using WhatsApp as a marketing channel, it's easy to handle end-to-end conversations across customer journeys. Drive better conversations, higher retention, open and conversion rates. 

  1. Use WhatsApp as a marketing channel & expand your reach

  2. Increase customer engagement & recall through proactive outbound

  3. Higher retention with better delivery, open, and conversion rate

  4. Re-engage & revisit, aid product discovery and adoption

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Automate Conversations With a Chatbot

Build a chatbot in minutes with our no-code chatbot editor and start automating sales and customer service conversations. 

Discover our Scripted Chatbot yourself. Add +31 97008101016 to your contacts list and send a message saying ˝Hi˝ over WhatsApp or scan the QR code.

  1. Take the load off your support by automating repetitive tasks

  2. Allow your agents to focus on the high-value conversations

  3. Seamless hand over to the agent if the question is too complex

CM.com Offers You Multiple Solutions That Suit Your Needs.

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