One Platform for All your Customer Interactions.

For starting automated omnichannel customer journeys that build lasting customer relationships.

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Activate All Communication Channels With a Single Platform

Customer Data

Create a 360-degree view of each customer primary to your customer engagement


Connect on the channels that matter most to your customers- SMS, email, WhatsApp


Scale up with the power of automation for effective customer engagement


Enable our omnichannel chatbot in every channel even without coding skills


Facebook Messenger
apple business chat

Manage & Automate Conversations at Scale

Get access to all mobile messaging channels available through's Mobile Marketing Cloud is the only omnichannel customer engagement solution that includes all mobile messaging channels like SMS and WhatsApp. This empowers marketers to create superior experiences that increase engagement and conversion.

Reach customers where they spend most of their time, on their mobile phones. Deliver a true omnichannel customer experience across the customer journey. Save time and work more efficiently with's marketing automation tool.

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mobile marketing cloud data events

Unlock Your Customer Data

Start your omnichannel strategy by centralizing the customer data across online and offline data sources.

A Customer Data Platform arms your company with the data and tools you need to create personalized customer experiences. It rightly puts customers at the heart of your campaigns for a truly customer-centric approach. By centralizing your customer data, your growth teams will be better equipped to run automated campaigns on the customer’s preferred channels.

  1. Unify your customer information and combat data silos.

  2. Create Smart Segments based on behavioral parameters

  3. Orchestrate your data and automate your customer journeys.

  4. Turn large volumes of customer data actionable for marketing.

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Customer succes - DGP
Customer succes - Brennan Heart
Customer succes - Lowlands
Customer succes - KLM open
Customer succes - WiSH Outdoor
Customer succes - Nac Breda
Customer succes - Etam
Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Build Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Customers want interactions with your brand through their most preferred channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and Voice.

Integrate the different communication channels customers use most to offer a truly customer-centric experience. Easily create omnichannel customer journeys and adapt to the needs of your customers.

  1. Be where your customers are and start the conversation.

  2. Launch personalized campaigns across the customer journey.

  3. Track the right metrics to target the right messages on time.

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customer data platform workflow

Automate Customer Journeys on The Fly

Scale up with the power of automation. Engage your customer with triggered movements for effective customer engagement. Create automated workflows, orchestrated journeys, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

A workflow can be helpful if you want to send out campaigns that are triggered by an event. You can adapt to your customer’s needs and easily create workflows for every customer journey you can think of.

  1. Automate engagement across the customer journey in a few clicks.

  2. Create triggers based on the user's activity

  3. Achieve one-on-one personalization with automation.

  4. Use our drag and drop editor to create workflows that convert.

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Send Personalised Emails that Convert

Designing beautiful email campaigns was never this easy. Design workflows with our visual drag-and-drop editor and create professional looking personalized emails in minutes.

Go further than just email marketing with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Drive more business by combining email with SMS and more mobile messaging channels. 

  1. Create beautiful & responsive email campaigns on the fly.

  2. A/B test with subject lines & preview text to increase open rate.

  3. Send automated customer journeys or single automated campaigns.

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An Introductory Guide for Marketers

Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

One size doesn't fit all. True Right! Then how can you send the same marketing communication to all your customers? Having a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the starting point for businesses, that want to personalize the communication to their customers.

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