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Welcome to Our Live Webinar Series

Today, customers insist on experiences that make their lives significantly easier and better. The companies that will win their business will adapt, by embedding a customer focus into every aspect of their business.

We will cover why customer conversations are critical for any business. It's the perfect way to explore all the possibilities to advance your business at scale and "Outperform Expectations" with

During this webinar series, you’ll learn about: 

·     Choosing the right channels for high engagement

·      How to speak to the needs of your customers

·      Having personalized conversations at scale

Webinar Series: The New Era of Customer Engagement

July 6, 2021 2:00 PM


Communication channels powering business messaging to scale engagement

July 8, 2021 2:00 PM


The GenZ way of customer service is here - and it's conversational!

July 13 2021 2:00 PM


Why cross-channel engagement matters in customer engagement strategy?

July 15 2021 2:00 PM


How to build a collaborative customer service operation?

July 20 2021 2:00 PM


How to get a 360° view of customer behavior by unifying customer data?

July 22 2021 2:00 PM


The importance of customer data in resolving support queries

Speakers for the Live Webinar Series

speaker 1

Kavi Arunachalam

Kavi, a marketing enthusiast, who is into Saas Sales by choice has helped to scale the growth of multiple products at his previous companies. He is leading's growth efforts for their marketing automation software, Mobile Marketing Cloud in India.

speaker 2

Viraj Sheth

Viraj has experience working with multiple early-stage SaaS Startups. He has helped companies build a stronger presence in multiple geographies and is currently leading's growth efforts for their customer service software, Mobile Service Cloud in India.

The New-Way of Delivering Superior Customer Experience

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Right from cross-channel engagement to personalization, go a few steps deeper in knowing your customer. Learn everything about reaching and engaging them through the right mix of channels.

Contextual Customer Service

Learn how to best leverage customer data in resolving support queries. Know what your customers value most and deliver proactive customer service using your customer's preferred channels.

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