Webinar: Customer Service in eCommerce

Moving from Ticketing to Conversations

The new age customer retention is driven by how you cater to your customer's request the moment it arises. Hence, service delivery becomes an important parameter in retention.

"96% of customers who feel they put a lot of effort into their purchase end up being disloyal"

According to the statistics above, the customer service teams should look to reduce customer's effort as much as they can in addition to solving their queries.

Hence, a new proposition for modern day eCommerce customer service teams - Move from Ticketing to Conversations.

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    Prioritising customer conversations over ticket number

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    Collaboration with service teams for seamless delivery

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    Role of customer data in providing contextual customer service

Prioritising Conversations over Ticket Numbers Mobile Service Cloud is a unique proposition designed to prioritise customers over ticket numbers and aim to resolve customer queries using the power of conversations.

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