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WhatsApp partners with Graylink to unveil Back2Work - WhatsApp Solution for employees returning to work

As millions of South Africans are set to return to their workplaces from June, following the President’s level 3 lockdown announcement, businesses are concerned about reopening their doors to potentially infected employees, and with that, the top priority for local companies right now is filtering employees back into offices, safely.

In response to this crucial need, we joined forces with leading digital talent solutions provider, graylink, to develop a digital solution that would help employers manage their returning workforce carefully and responsibly – and so Back2Work was born.

Back2Work is the only workflow service on the South African market that uses WhatsApp as its core employee engagement channel. is one of the few companies that can make this possible through its dynamic WhatsApp Business API. Building on's powerful communications platform, graylink could quickly bring the symptomatic-based workflow solution to market before the masses returned to work.

As workers can access the COVID-19 screening questions on their own devices from anywhere, Back2Work offers businesses a safe and easy way to make critical workforce planning decisions quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Carl Warburg, Head of Product at graylink, explains, “As the ubiquitous benchmark messaging channel in South Africa, we really wanted to use WhatsApp for this service and our partnership with was instrumental in doing so. We chose for their unparalleled WhatsApp expertise, professionalism and superior back-end systems.”

With no mobi-site to visit, app to install or mental investment to make, the product provides immense reach and access to employees – especially those who work on the ground and can’t connect to internal systems – and is simple and user-friendly for both employers and their workers.

“What makes Back2Work so impactful is its risk reporting. By processing and crunching the employee data received via WhatsApp, we can send relevant, insight-driven reports to managers to determine who is safe to return to work, who should continue working from home, and who should perhaps seek medical attention,” adds Carl.

These reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly, depending on an organisation’s unique needs. Employers can even extract their own data ad hoc if required – another attractive benefit of the Back2Work product.

“Doing right by your workers reflects very well on you as an employer. We believe it is an essential responsibility for businesses to comply with occupational health and safety measures designed to protect workers. Making your employees wait in a queue to re-enter the workplace – although logical and well-intended – sends exactly the wrong message, never mind wasting time and potentially increasing infection,” comments Carl.

“We are proud to be part of such a forward-thinking, problem-solving solution that helps businesses of today to navigate an uncertain climate. We developed our WhatsApp API to empower companies with better service and support for their customers, and we will continue to drive human connection in new, unique ways,” concludes James Bayhack, Director Sub-Saharan Africa,

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