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Combining forces through partnerships for optimal value

Tech organization share a common goal; create as much value as possible for the end user. To deliver this value, your IT infrastructure has to be on point. Organisations in Africa have the tendency to buy IT systems or services from different suppliers or vendors. As much as it is a good way of mitigating risks, it ends up in a disjointed way of internal communication where different systems sit in silos. There is need to either integrate these systems or get an integrated mega system from a single provider. The latter makes more sense since it’s a single point of support and it takes away the headache of having to deal with different suppliers when trying to trouble shoot for support or contract renewal. There is so much benefit that comes with an enterprise buying a single and already integrated mega system.

How is this possible?

The role of system integrators within tech organisations is to ensure that they can combine different systems into a single solution hence becoming a single point service provision. This eliminates bottlenecks in tech service provision. The system integrators can achieve this through partnering with enterprise solution providers. In such a case they’ll have full control in integration and a direct access to the various system providers.

Software venders are also a possible means through which an organisation could get a mega system for its operations. At the point of developing an enterprise software, the organisation is capable of factoring in all their needs at the development stage hence partnership becomes integral in developing such software needed by enterprises.

As we recognise our strengths and work towards improving our services every single day. To provide all tech solutions to each and every organisation’s specific needs, we encourage partnerships. Technology is robust with new advancement emerging every day. And your organisation can’t stay behind, you can implement the newest and most advanced technology that gives your end users the desired value through alliances.

We are, a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce that enables businesses to deliver superior customer experience. Our platform empowers marketing, sales, and customer support to automate engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels in order to drive sales, gain customers and increase customer satisfaction. We’re happy to partner with likeminded tech organisation to deliver a superior experience. Especially we’d like to combine forces with local companies that want to associate with global solution providers to embrace new channels, build stronger customer relationships, expand product portfolios, and attract new business.

Co-Creating value with partnership

Finally, this is a reminder to tech organisations to embrace collaboration in areas that are not within their niche. This will result to them being able to provide value using a one-stop solution to their final customers. Value comes in many forms – price, convenience, reliability, quality, service, etcetera. However, creating value requires more than a positive experience and happy customers. Partnerships want the kind of value that brings mutually beneficial outcomes. For something to be valuable, in my opinion, it should be: Useful, Relevant, Differentiated and of course, Recognised. After all, value is in the eye of the beholder. Which is why co-creation is so powerful as it enables partners to become co-collaborators, co-producers and co-benefactors of value to customers and organizations.

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Stephen Abeka
Stephen Abeka,
Channel Partner Manager at

Responsible for partner program development in Kenya & East Africa. A specialist in B2B sales Management and customer value management (CVM) with a strong background in telecommunication in Africa.

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