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How recruiters profit from the WhatsApp Business API

Most recruiters are aware of WhatsApp's potential to interact with job seekers. But WhatsApp is more than just a popular messaging channel amongst your target audience. The WhatsApp Business API also offers excellent ways to take away some pressure on your staff. Better service and smooth processes - sound good? Read how in this short article.

There's no need to discuss the popularity of WhatsApp amongst consumers. The rising question is how recruiters can use this channel to invite potential job seekers to contact you. WhatsApp is most recognised for its chatting capabilities, but it may also be the next big thing in recruitment. We're in such a competitive market right now that if you don't find someone within two or three weeks, you risk losing them to your competitors.

Of course, they need to know about your business. But moreover, contacting you should be easy, with a low threshold and quick responses to get the conversation going as soon as a job seeker shows interest. You don't want to lose momentum. WhatsApp does this the way a phone call, email or chat button never could.

Consumers always have their mobile phones on them. That makes the benefit of starting a conversation on that device an open door. But getting people to want to start a conversation is where WhatsApp's relevance truly stands out. 

This calls for an example. How easy would it be if someone is enjoying a burger in a fast-food chain you're recruiting for, they can scan a QR-code on their receipt, a flyer or a poster. This QR opens a new conversation in their familiar WhatsApp channel. By typing a simple 'hi', the chat begins.

Automatic Replies with WhatsApp Business

This means the phone won't start ringing right away, needing immediate attention from your staff. And no need for your employees to start typing right away. WhatsApp Business allows you to send automatic replies to get the conversation going and retrieve and share the first bits of information. 


We don’t mean just some pre-filled texts. We’re talking actual responsive, meaningful messages asking for more information from your conversation partner. Ask questions about where candidates live, what type of job they're interested in and what experience they have. 

This allows you to do the first filtering already. Do you have a potential match? Actively share job information with the person you're talking to, supported by rich media files - the options are endless. But let’s not just think about engagement, we need to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible too.

Sign Documents Digitally with Sign via WhatsApp

In today's competitive job market, candidates should encounter a few obstacles this includes the process of signing a contract. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many interactions are online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, instead of face to face. And then you ask a candidate to print and post a physical contract?! That doesn’t add up. Signing documents on paper is obsolete, expensive and time-consuming. It’s so easy to sign documents digitally and it’s all legally binding. It can make a difference in the actual choice that a candidate makes if they have received 2 offers: one in a fully digital environment and one that has to be printed out and sent in an envelope.

The ability to send invites via SMS or email is available out-of-the-box but another great feature that must be noted is that Sign users can send invites via WhatsApp Business – which offers even more reason to get on board.

Start today by using the right tools. Improve the candidate experience to attract the best talent. Preferably one system that provides you with all you need, instead of multiple systems, will make the process as efficient as it can be.


Get started with the WhatsApp Business API for your recruitment business

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Get started with the WhatsApp Business API for your recruitment business

Find out more
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