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How to attract customers to your WhatsApp Business channel for customer support

The answer to this question strongly depends on what goals you have in mind for your customer support team. What is your WhatsApp Business use case? Throughout the customer journey, WhatsApp can be used to increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction. This means WhatsApp isn’t just here to help you solve incoming questions. Actively promoting the use of WhatsApp will help you promote sales. And because there are so many ways to promote WhatsApp as your communication channel, we’ll list the most important ones here.

·       On your contact page

Perhaps the most obvious place to mention your WhatsApp presence, is your contact us page. When customers or prospects are looking for the best way to reach out to you, they'll be glad to discover WhatsApp as one of the options. By promoting WhatsApp as a communication channel on your contact page, you'l notice the number of incoming phone calls declining. With the asynchronous conversations on WhatsApp, this costly channel – both in your time, and that of your customer – is used less and WhatsApp will be used more.

·       In printed ads, catalogs and flyers

WhatsApp is an easy way to move the offline customer journey online. Sounds complicated? Far from it. This is where the popular QR code proves its ease of use. Is the ad advertising a new product, or creating awareness about your new restaurant? Whatever the use case, starting the conversation by inviting interested customers or prospects to contact you via WhatsApp is easy by adding a QR code with a link behind it.

·       In social media ads

The examples of printed ads can, of course, be used just as easily in social ads. Just add the link or show a QR code and invite consumers to contact you via their favourite messaging channel.

wa-me link Whatsapp

·       On your product pages and blog posts

No doubt, your product pages are optimised for user experience, conversion, and optimised for mobile use. But what if your visitors have questions? You wouldn’t want them to have to look for the best way to contact you, losing interest along the way, and thus leaving your website. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could just click a button on the product page, kicking of a WhatsApp conversation via mobile phone, or via WhatsApp Web on their PC?

·       On your website

Does your website offer the possibility to chat with your website visitors? This is a highly visible way to offer instant and efficient customer support. But, it typically is only available when the website/browser is open, and will close if the user doesn’t respond in time. Not that user friendly. Add the WhatsApp channel to your website for live chat. This change is not only the most visible one, but also the easiest one to implement. Why? Because we offer a ready to use HTML-code you can add to any website - how to promote WhatsApp as your customer support channel.

·       On the receipt

Customer support may be most important in the after sales funnel - it's the perfect time to make a lasting impression, both good and bad. So you better make it great! Firstly, making it as easy as possible to reach you. Secondly, reducing wait times is the next crucial part. And of course, there is the quality of service. All this is possible by adding WhatsApp as an easy way to reach your customer support team. All you need to do is add the QR code, leading to your WhatsApp channel, on your receipts.

Offering such easy ways in which to reach your customer support team is just as crucial in other parts of the customer journey, for example, in order notifications. Or how about redirecting your customers to WhatsApp when your customer support department is closed and you have a virtual assistant ready to answer frequently asked questions? Want to discover the opportunities for your business? Contact us - we'll find the best solution for your business.

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