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Platform Updates: March 2021

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

Communication Channels

Channels App

We’ve improved the overview of our Channels App:

  • For all of your communication channels, we now provide a more accurate description of its current status: reviewed by, in review by the supplier, active, rejected.
  • Are you ready to add a new channel? Get access to clear information about that channel directly in the Channel App and choose the most adequate channel to add to your portfolio.

Messaging Log

We are currently adding new features to our new Messaging Log App:

  • Currency and Mobile Push - we now display the currency in which the message is invoiced in the overview. Mobile Push is now displayed as a channel.
  • Filter to a custom time range – you can now adjust the time filter to a custom range. This means you can find the specific message you are looking for even faster!


Pricing changes

In our efforts to continuously monitor and improve the quality of our service we have modified the configuration in some of our routes. This leads us to change the prices for the following destinations due to changed purchase prices on the Online (and former Essentials, Business, Enterprise) price plans as of April 1, 2021.

The following destinations will have an increased price as of April 1, 2021: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman.

The following destinations will have a decreased price as of April 1, 2021: Qatar, Spain.

Our pricing overview will be updated with the new prices per April 1. 


New voice management features: 

  • Number ranges provisioning - in the numbers overview of the Voice Management app, number ranges are now shown as such. It allows you to directly provision a complete number range at once, or single numbers from a number range. 
  • Define how anonymous incoming calls are processed - we now support both RFC standards for processing incoming anonymous calls. When provisioning numbers, you can choose between both options.

WhatsApp Business

Generate your own 'Click to Chat' links - For every WhatsApp profile, it is now possible to directly generate your own 'Click to chat' link. You can create a (so-called) or directly download a QR-code. You can put those direct links or QR-codes on your webpages, socials, e-mails or even billboards. This helps drive traffic and makes it easy for your customers to start the conversation with you via WhatsApp. This feature is now accessible for our Beta users.

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Email Campaigns

Mobile previews - Optimize your emails for mobile devices even better. You can now preview exactly what your subscribers will see on many popular devices.

Mobile Service Cloud

Within Mobile Service Cloud Advanced and Pro, our scripted chatbot is now available. But it’s also possible to connect a 3rd party bot. For the scripted chatbot, we have a connection ready, and you can start with the implementation right away.


  • Integration into Mobile Service Cloud - DigitalCX can now be integrated into our Mobile Service Cloud Pro package. This way, Mobile Service Cloud Pro customers can implement the use of a highly advanced chatbot to scale and further improve their service performance.
  • Apple Messages for Business – it’s now possible to add the DigitalCX chatbot to Apple Messages for Business.
  • Emoji support – enrich your chat conversations with emojis.
  • Improvements in written content – additional tasks are added to the CMS in order for you to improve the written content in the chat flow. 


Updates for our software partners

With the introduction of Sign 2.0 we’ve also improved the product with some updates that will be very helpful to our software partners: 

  • Co-branding: you are now able to create a personalized environment by adding your logo or corporate colors. 
  • Partner dashboard: with this dashboard, it’s easy for you to manage and adjust your customer's settings. It’s self-service, so no need to contact us to make any changes. 
  • Onboarding with API: it’s now possible to successfully onboard your new clients with an API call (also self-service). 
  • Signature fields: we’ve created an environment in which you can easily set up signature fields. Upload a document using your own software and with one click you’ll be redirected to the Sign environment to create fields for signatures, initials, dates, etc. 

Want to learn more about the updates to Sign for our partners? Read the blog

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