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Platform Updates: October 2021

Every day, over a hundred developers work hard to improve the platform. In this update, you can read everything about the latest changes.

Communications Platform

Instagram Messaging

Now available for everyone in our Communications Platform: Instagram Messaging. Do you want to scale and manage conversations with your audience on Instagram? Then it's now possible to add Instagram Messaging as a new Conversational Channel via Business Messaging API. Read more on our product page.

Mobile Marketing Cloud


There is a redesign of our Campaigns statistics page. The new design makes it even easier to analyse the results of your campaigns. 

platform update mmc

Mobile Service Cloud

Besides WhatsApp, now SMS, Apple Messages for Business, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and Conversational AI Cloud webchat are also available as channels in Mobile Service Cloud. And more to come soon!

All these channels can be used as a Live Chat with the full Mobile Service Cloud toolkit; text, media, auto messages, skill-based routing, auto-tagging etc.

This update is available in beta, contact us if you are interested.

platform update msc


Ticketing dashboard updates

  • Orders placed by your visitors can now be seen in their own category on the left-hand side of the menu. These can be found under "orders". Previously this was under the subcategory "visitors" under "analytics". 
  • A status column has been added to the overview. By means of a green or red button, the status of each ticket is now clearly recognisable. It is either completed or cancelled. 
  • A "last modified" column has been added to the overview. 
  • You can now easily resend or cancel a ticket, or reset the personalisation of a ticket by clicking on the 3 dots at the end of the row.
  • You can adjust the width of each column to your preference. 
  • All these updates have also been implemented for the "guest list" category. 

ticketing order platform update

Realtime insights

To get insights into your real-time sales, we have added a subcategory “real-time” to the category “analytics”. This new functionality contains three main features:

  • Real-time numbers per ticket type: sold, reserved, available, and total capacity.
  • Queue status & queue load
  • Display of active shop sessions and a display for the number of filled carts

This update is available in beta if you have any feedback let our support team know. 

ticketing analytics platform update

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