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Platform Updates: September 2020

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

Customer Data Platform – automated sync address book 

Within our Customer Data Platform it’s no longer necessary to sync your segments with your address book every time you want to send out a Campaign. Your segments will be automatically updated, also when you add or remove contacts from your address book. 

Customer Data Platform – reach your audience on Facebook and Instagram

Within the Customer Data Platform you can now export your segments to Facebook or Instagram to (re)target them with your social ads. 

Pages – QR code statistics 

Want to keep your visitors up to date on how your campaign is performing? It’s now possible to add a dynamic field to your Page which shows the live results of your QR code campaign directly on your landing page. 

Pages without recipients

In the past, it was necessary to send your Page to a recipient to receive a link of the Page. From now on it is possible to generate a link directly in the dashboard. You can do so by clicking on ‘share public link’ when creating a page. 

Sign - price packages

This month we released our new Sign price packages based on research amongst our customers. Instead of having monthly subscriptions, we now offer bundles of 50 documents which are valid for a period of a year. We offer three bundles with different benefits and features, all with a decreased price per signed document. 

Voice - Voice Management 

We have some nice features that help you save time and make it easier to manage multiple Voice accounts:

  • Do you need to onboard multiple customers? You can now create multiple Voice accounts at once. Simply add the account and separate them with a comma. All the new Voice accounts will then be created right away. 
  • Do you need to make a global price list update to multiple Voice accounts? You can choose which account should have this new custom price list and update all accounts at once. 
  • You can now embed our API in your software and create SIP Trunks directly via API. You can find all the document here: SIP account API.

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