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What does 24/7 monitoring of the SMS Gateway API mean at

Managing your internal and external SMS communication is often a difficult task. From customers to employees, different conversations can be time-consuming and complex. When you opt for an SMS Gateway to address these conversations, you'll want peace of mind that messages are delivered, and trusting a provider with your business-critical or privacy-sensitive messages. When sending SMS notifications over our SMS gateway, you can completely rely on 24/7 monitoring and security to handle your messages with the utmost care. But what exactly does this mean for you?

24/7 monitoring of our SMS Gateway API

At, we have staff on site 24/7/365. Working in shifts, our expert analysts ensure the lights in this vital monitoring centre are always on. From this Network Operations Centre (NOC), they are continuously monitoring security, performance and connections to suppliers and customers.

This team of experts is equipped to handle any incident effectively, efficiently and immediately. Therefore, you can always count on our 99,9% uptime and worldwide delivery in under 10 seconds. Our pro-active monitoring guarantees the fastest delivery of time critical messages in high volumes via our SMS Gateway API.

Data security

Moreover, all our services are hosted on our privately owned and operate environments. Therefore, we are not dependent on other parties to take proper measures. We have full control over all data, including transport, encryption and accessibility. Finally, no public cloud services are involved in the creation and delivery of our services. Therefore, you can rest assured that all data is handled with the upmost care, in full compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001.


If any questions would arise on your end, for example, if you have any trouble sending out a campaign, you can also call upon our support team to help you find the best solution in an instant. Our Genius representatives and Online Success team are here to help you make the most out of each mobile campaign.

Constant development

Finally, it is important to note that we have over 100 developers working constantly to improvement our platform. This means our platform is built with the best building blocks, containing all the latest mobile messaging innovations. Therefore, you can always count on us to provide you with the latest in mobile technology, including rich features and high-end security. 

Want to give our SMS Gateway API a try? Just register on our platform and receive free test messages for you to give our platform a go.

Start testing our SMS Gateway

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Start testing our SMS Gateway

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