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From a simple text to interactive campaigns

Create and send personalised SMS and WhatsApp campaigns from our intuitive Web-based Interface, without the need for code.


Online business messaging with Campaigns

Start sending SMS and WhatsApp messages.


Easy-to-use templates

Go to your account and set up a campaign in a minute. Select the recipients you want to target, add your message to a new or existing template and send or schedule.


Intuitive interface

The user-friendly Campaigns app takes you in a couple steps through the process of creating and sending messaging campaigns - send SMS marketing and WhatsApp rich media templates online.


Advanced Campaign features

Create a mobile marketing strategy that stands out. Generate unique links or add mobile landing pages and a touch of fun with emojis and dynamic fields.

Send Engaging SMS Campaigns in a Matter of Minutes

Campaigns is an easy and affordable way to send personalised messages to multiple contacts at once - a solution that is dedicated to non tech-savvy users that want to engage with customers via SMS messaging, without using an API.

Upload your contacts, create your campaign, schedule or send, and analyse results with messaging analytics in just a few clicks.

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    Send marketing campaigns and appointment reminders.

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    Send internal staff communication - collect feedback with Pages.

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    Enrich your SMS campaigns with merge tags .

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    Share rich content via a mobile landing page.

Free Campaigns app* or full Mobile Marketing Cloud

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Free Campaigns Mobile Marketing Cloud
Free Campaigns Mobile Marketing Cloud

Send SMS online

Address Book

Messaging Log

Mobile Landing Pages

Merge tags

Dynamic Fields


Triggered Campaigns

Add more Channels

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Add Mobile Landing Pages to your SMS Campaign

With Pages, you can go beyond regular SMS by adding a mobile landing page to your campaigns.

Promote new arrivals and back in stock items using images and videos. Create urgency with limited time offers and coupon codes using QR codes. Add form fields and drop downs to collect leads or opt-ins. Share online surveys to gain insights into customer satisfaction using form fields - drag, drop, publish, send, analyse.

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