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Our projects

"There is really no point in running a company unless you get to share your learnings. I think helping others is one of the main goals in life."

Gilbert Gooijers, co-founder

Strategic partnership with UNICEF

The three-year collaboration means that UNICEF uses the SMS service to stimulate donations worldwide. In return, participates in UNICEF initiatives to increase donations. This is our way to raise awareness of the living conditions of children worldwide.

Techno Girls internships

As part of the strategic partnership with UNICEF, two young South African developers are doing their internships at CMs Dutch headquarters in 2018. 

This is our way to learn from millennials from another continent while giving them better chances to fulfill their dreams.

An unforgettable day with your local heroes

As main sponsor of local football club NAC Breda, CM took the initiative to offer disadvantaged children an unforgettable day at the football field. The initiative has since then been picked up by football clubs all over The Netherlands. A collaboration with Dutch NGO Het Vergeten Kind.

Giving students a flying start

CM has an ambitious partnership with the technical university in Eindhoven and Avans college Breda. 

Taking on interns and setting up field experiments for students is our way of giving young people the working life experience they need. So that they too can contribute to society.

Kids learn how to code at CoderDojo

Young creative minds get the basics of coding during recurrent workshops with CMs developers. 

For many of us, coding started as a game when we were only kids. Developing those skills at an early age and keeping it playful, is the key to create useful solutions for future generations.

Our contribution to society

'Do what you like, what you are good at and contribute to society.' That is the backbone of

Giving back to the community is just as important for us as financial profit. We focus on helping young people to fulfil their dreams. Regardless of their race, gender or social background.

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