The omnichannel contact center solution.

Empower support agents whilst delivering excellent customer service - add remote agents, new channels, and chatbots.

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Supported channels

Apple Business Chat

Enrich your customer service and support efforts, 24/7/365

Omnichannel Support

Make the most of every customer interaction with seamless and personalized omni-channel conversations across messaging channels, whilst empowering your staff to deliver exceptional support.

Improved Efficiency

Manage all your messaging channels in one overview with clearly defined ownership and statuses.​ Set-up teams that represent regional offices, brands or general support.

Configured to Your Own Needs

Offer support via your user's preferred language. From English, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Japanese to Arabic. Add predefined personalised messages, per brand or discipline.

Convenient conversations for customers and service teams

The way today’s customers interact with brands is fundamentally shifting. We are moving from the digital era to the conversational era. Customers find, compare, and buy on their mobile phones.

To address this, contact centers need to adapt to offer their customers platforms that boast instant and efficient customer support via messaging channels, whilst improving agent efficiency. 

Omnichannel messaging apps via api

Omnichannel messaging from a single interface

Make the most of every customer interaction with seamless and personalised omnichannel conversations whilst empowering your staff to deliver exceptional support.

Customer Contact creates order in the overload of communication channels, saves valuable time from your employees and increases your NPS. Combine WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Twitter and SMS into one customer contact dashboard.

Have 1 on 1 conversations shielded and secured, and integrate customer profiles into your own CRM.

Save time with quick replies

Customers tend to send messages outside of regular business hours. Customer Contact offers built-in features to manage and reply to messages. Manage customer expectations with a custom out-of-office message, or further improve service by creating quick replies for answers to frequently asked questions.

Quick replies in Customer Contact holds various placeholders, like first name, those will automatically be filled with the known information from the chat. When the system is unable to identify the info, send will be deactivated to protect agents from sending the wrong information.

chat bot

Automate your customer service with chatbots

Until a decade ago, the only option people had to reach out to a company was to call or email their customer service team. Now, round-the-clock customer service is more important than ever. According to a Facebook-commissioned study by Nielsen, 56% of people would prefer to message rather than call customer service, and that’s where bots come into play.

We're here to help you build and maintain your bot with ease.

  1. Choose between our Rule-Based and AI chatbots.

  2. Stimulate interaction with selection menus and answer flows.

  3. Enrich your conversations with images, videos, and locations.

  4. Hand over the conversation to a human agent whenever necessary.

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Our customers include companies in retail, service, leisure, travel, events, and more. Contact us and we'll help you set up the best use Customer Contact within your business.

Customer Contact pricing (first month free)

Including 3 agents, startup fee, demo

Basic subscription 4 - 10 agents 11 - 25 agents 26 - 50 agents
Basic subscription 4 - 10 agents 11 - 25 agents 26 - 50 agents

KES 6,990 per month

+ KES 2217 per agent

+ KES 1902 per agent

+ KES 1585 per agent

We're adding new channels continuously



Switch from Outlook to Gmail to chat-apps, without having to open another app.



Create rich, interactive and personalised experiences within the SMS inbox.



In addition to being very popular in China, WeChat is growing globally.



Make and receive phone calls using our SIP Trunk for even greater efficiency.

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