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Mobile Service Cloud value statement

Mobile Service Cloud enables a more conversational service approach that creates efficiency within your team whilst increasing your NPS. It offer a radically different solution to conventional help desk systems - the magic, lies in its design principles.

Design principles


Mobile Service Cloud enables your business to offer a consistent experience across channels.

Centralise Email, Live Chat, Voice, SMS, Contact Forms, Google's Business Messages, Instagram DM, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger and RCS conversations.

360 degree personalisation

Enable agents to put conversations first rather than spending valuable time searching for information externally.

Enjoy features such as co-browsing, multi-store search, customer and supplier panels, purchase and conversation history.

Human centered

Smart inbox management results in a no queue approach to dealing with incoming queries.

Enjoy features such as SLA management, skills based routing, answer suggestions, chatbot integration and snooze options.


Customer service is intertwined in the entire organisation by working together to provide the right answer.

Enjoy features such as agent inbox user interface, internal live chat, external email collaboration, sales tracking and reporting statistics.