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Offer more than just support with Facebook Messenger, one of the most powerful online tools for customer contact today.

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Why smart businesses are using Facebook Messenger

Expected 2.4 Billion Users by 2021

Stay ahead of your competitors and capitalize on Facebook Messenger's growth rate estimating 2.4 billion users by 2021.

20 Billion Conversations a Month

More than 20 billion messages are exchanged between business and users monthly on Facebook Messenger.

300,000 Active Bots on Messenger

Over 300,000 active bots on Messenger help businesses and customers exchange 8 billion mobile messages, daily.

Proven 70% Higher Open Rate

Businesses using Facebook Messenger for marketing have 70% higher open rates than email campaigns.

7 Million Businesses Use Messenger

Over 7 million businesses use Facebook Messenger to attract their target audience via mobile devices.

Achieve business goals

Reach, engage, and convert via Facebook.

Reach 2 Billion More Prospects

Engage more potential customers and access 2 Billion Facebook Messenger users by adding Facebook as a channel.

Automatic, Reliable SMS Fallback

If internet connection drops or your messages aren't delivered after a set time, automatically fallback to SMS is initiated.

Combine Ads with Messenger

With Click-to-Messenger ads (enabling ads that click to messenger), businesses drives engagement further and increase sales.

Support through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for businesses is
more than just an App

By using one of the most well rounded apps available, you can expand your reach while increasing engagement. Whatever the method, Messenger lets you create a more engaging customer experience. Your business can also combine your sales, support, marketing, and any business communications into a single inbox with all your conversation channels. 

  1. Deliver customer experience via their most used channel.

  2. Provide the option to browse and pay directly within the channel.

  3. Create more brand awareness by linking your ads to Messenger.

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How To Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Customers turn to a multitude of chat apps to reach out to you for support. Availability on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Viber and SMS is the new standard. How do you support all those channels, while efficiently handling queries on this multitude of channels?

By adding Customer Contact, you’ll handle multiple conversations with the greatest ease. Customer Contact removes thresholds and repetitive processes - add your preferred channels to Customer Contact, and improve your service quality.

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Save valuable time using smart chatbots

Two-way messaging brings a whole new challenge for businesses. Being present across multiple channels requires a bigger load of messages and their responses.

Facebook Messenger offers several options to manage customer expectations. From auto responses and greet-a-customer to letting them know when they can expect a response and a simple "out of office." Adding a chat bot will save you even more time. Implementing a bot will reduce the load by tackling the most frequently asked questions first.

Add Facebook Messenger through CM.com's web-based interface

  1. Open "Customer Contact"

  2. Click "Settings" tab

  3. Select "Channels" option

Add Facebook Messenger to your communications channels

Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful online platforms for customer communications today. The Facebook Messenger-centric feature opens up a vast pool of opportunities for engagement, customer support, marketing & sales.

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