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Opt-out Management - What is it?

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 3 years ago

What is Opt-out Management?

What is it?
Opt-out Management is a fully automated suppression list management solution embedded in the CM Address Book. Opt-Out Management gives end-users the possibility to unsubscribe (opt-out) from promotional SMS or mailing lists. Opt-out Management does not affect the transactional SMS i.e. notifications or time-sensitive information via SMS.

How does it work?
While using SMS campaigns system applies an optout tag which includes country specific optout instructions like “STOP shortcode” or if country doesn’t have a specific optout flow an optout link is provided like NO-S.MS/123456.

Opt-Out Management is built within Addressbook, so when a recipient unsubscribes it can be tracked within Addressbook. Also Addressbook API can provide Opt-Out filtered list of contacts/groups for email/sms campaigns or for any other usage. Specific groups (like contact groups) can be by passed from Opt-Out filters so that all contacts in these groups receive messages/emails even if they Opted-Out.

Opt-Out Management system keeps an Opt-Out History for each email address or phone number, so that one can see when a specific email/sms contact Opted Out/In and the reason for optout in Unsubscribes section in Addressbook.

Also third-party applications can retrieve/use Opt-Out lists based on token types and can use Opt-Out lists as they need.

Account Level OptOuts
OptOuts lists are maintained on organization level by default. However it is possible to setup optouts on account level. If an organization has accounts A, B and C. If account B uses account level list then it will have its own optout lists and accounts A and C will use the same optout list which does not include account B optouts.

An account can be configured to have optout webhooks, so when an optout is received the information can be transferred via HTTP.

Optout Confirmation SMS
Accounts can be configured to send confirmation messages to the numbers that unsubscribed.

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