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How to Send Voice (Text to Speech) Call on Zapier

Stijn Coppieters
Stijn Coppieters
Updated 2 years ago

With the integration of on Zapier, you can automate Text to Speech calls based on triggers of 1000+ applications.

In this help doc you'll learn how to generate calls automatically (zapier action). For more information about triggers please look at Zapier help.

In the example below we'll generate calls based on new email arriving in gmail. (example of configuring a gmail trigger can be found here).


Choose action Send Voice (Text to Speech) Call and hit Save + Continue

Select your CM account or connect a new CM account and enter your product token. In case your product token at is not enabled for voice messages yet, you can request access by contacting [email protected]

You can use values from the trigger in any field. In this example the Text to Speech services will read out loud the body of the E-mail.

Choose the preferred language, gender and voice. And hit the Continue button.

Check the summary and press the button Send test to CM

Zapier will show if the voice call was sent successfully.

Don't forget to turn-on your zap!

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