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Pages 2: Release Announcement

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 1 year ago

Pages 2

Pages has been available to platform users for a long period. Whereas it was originally designed as an easy way to add rich content to your SMS, we’ve seen many customers use Pages in creative ways. We are now able to better support all those different use cases that our customers are using Pages for.

What are new features on Pages 2?

An improved editor
It is simpler and more intuitive than ever to create a beautiful Page

Hyperfast section navigation
Creating a Page with multiple sections can now be done directly in the editor, without navigating back and forth

Integrated preview
You can now directly preview the look-and-feel of your Page in the editor, or open it in a new tab

New components and features
We have added the Carousel, Social Media links, Dropdown menus and Checkboxes

Integrated Payments
We can now offer iDEAL payments or WebCheckouts directly from a Page to provide a seamless user experience.

Go Premium
90% of the functionalities are available free of charge for our customers. For the people that want to get 100% out of their Page we now offer Premium (paid) features to get that extra bit

Important changes in Pages 2

There are a several important changes that will be introduced with Pages 2. Hosting landing pages creates a load on our networks we have put the following limitations in place:

  • Landing pages are intended for promotional activities and therefore we automatically expire Basic Pages after 90 days and Premium pages after 180 days. Visitors of expired Pages will see a message that the landing page is no longer available.
  • For Basic Pages we set a limit of 50.000 unique visitors per month in order to guarantee a proper service to all our customers. Upgrading to Premium will lift this restriction.
  • Full statistics are available for download for 7 days after your Page has expired (in Basic Pages). For Premium pages we’ll store them for 180 days after your Page has expired.
  • Form data and external URLs are now Premium features
  • Basic Pages have a non-removable 'Hosted by' footer as we offer the Basic Pages free of charge.

Basic vs. Premium

Every platform user can create a Basic Page. For every Page a user can decide to upgrade this to Premium. That will give access to the following features:

  • 'Hosted by' footer removed and additional custom branding options unlocked
  • Unlimited unique visitors
  • Pages published for 180 days
  • Pages statistics available for 180 days (instead of 7)
  • Link to external URLs
  • Following components unlocked: Social media, External URLs, Form Input Field, Form Dropdown, Form Checkbox, Payments

You can upgrade to Premium and will only pay €0,025 per unique visit and €0,25 per submitted form. Submitted forms can be downloaded as CSV or directly be inserted into Address book to serve as the basis for your next Campaign!

At higher volumes the prices per unique visit and submitted form frop.

There is a price calculator on each Page to estimate the costs for your Campaign.

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