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How to send an automated daily message
Updated 1 year ago

If you want to want to send a daily message on a certain time, you can do this automatically with the Customer Data Platform workflows. For example you want to have a daily update of your employees if they are well, and send a reminding message if they did not reply yet. Click here for the extensive guide how to design a workflow.

The start is with the Daily time passed trigger(1), this trigger activates the workflow if a daily time has passed. In this example we sent a daily email (5), to the demo segment (2), with the default consent (3) at 8:30 am (4). If there is not a daily update 3 hours later (7) a reminding message is sent (8). Below the steps will be explained extensively.

Daily update
  1. The Daily time passed trigger gets activated on a daily basis after a certain time. When this trigger is activated the workflow gets activated and the to follow steps will be followed.
  2. In this field you have to select the Segment for who the Workflow has to be activated. You can select all the segments that you have made. This is also real-time so if there are more profiles added to the segment more emails are sent.
  3. Here you can select the Consent management for the selected Segment.
  4. This is the time which has to be passed before the workflow gets activated. We sent in the morning because we want to have the update in the morning and not at the end of the day. It is also possible to sent a daily message at 10 pm to wish everyone a goodnight.
  5. With the email step you sent a triggered email when the step gets activated. When you click on the Email step box, the settings will open on the right. At these settings you have to select the property name which contains the email addresses. Secondly you have to select a triggered (email) campaign that has to be sent. Please click here for the guide of designing an email.
  6. Because you want to give your employees some time to respond to the email. You insert a wait step before sending a reminding message. When you click on the Wait step box, the settings will open on the right. The amount is free to choose and for the unit there is a choice between hours or days. In this example the step waits 3 hours before the next step gets activated.
  7. The final step is to send them a reminding message to remind them to update their status. If you click on the Message step box the settings will open on the right.
  8. In this field you have to select the property which contains the mobile phone number.
  9. In this field you can fill in which should be addressed as sending. This will mostly be your company name.
  10. In this field you select the Channel you want to use to send the message. This can be all the channels that you have connected to the platform.
  11. Here you can type your message which you want to send. In the example we ask them to update their daily status.
  12. When you setup the trigger and steps right, you have to connect them. You do this with dragging a dotted line from the lower blue dot of the trigger or Step to the upper blue dot of the next step.

To finalize the workflow you have to setup the Workflow settings you open this menu to deselect the trigger or step box and the settings will open in the right menu.

workflow settings
  1. First you want to enable the workflow, you can enable it by clicking on this on/off switch.
  2. Here you can give your workflow a name.
  3. With this switch you give the Workflow a goal, to send a reminder this is very important, because you only want to send a reminder when to goal is not enabled yet!
  4. Here you select the event that is the goal for this workflow. So the goal of the workflow is that the event: Profile update is happened. It is also again possible to filter here as well.
  5. This checkbox is very important because if this is on the Workflow will end automatically if the goal is met. In this example the goal is that employees update their status, if they do not update it they get a reminder, only if you don’t check this box everyone will get a reminder.
  6. To finalize the workflow you can save it with Save button.

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