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How to make a branched workflow
Updated 1 year ago

When you are automating your marketing campaign, you want to optimize it is as much as possible. For instance if you want to remind your audience that did not open your email.

When you are sending important emails to your customers, you want to ensure that they open it. If you want to send them a reminding message, you only want to target the customers that did not open it. Of course you want to automate this in one Workflow and that is when you use the Branched Workflows of the Customer Data Platform.

When you have designed your Workflow you can use the filter step to make two different branches in your workflow.

Branched workflow

  1. The first part is to design your Workflow, in this example the Workflow gets triggered when someone is registered.
  2. It gets followed by the Email step to send automatically sent a triggered welcome mail with some important information.
  3. After that the Wait step is used, to wait 7 days.
  4. Then the workflow gets branched by two options, therefore the Filter step is used. From there on there are two “Branches” the Green branch and the Red branch. With the filter step you can filter on everything which you can filter normally in the Customer Data Platform. In this example the filter is set if the Email is clicked. If the email is clicked the Workflow for this customer continues on the “Green” branche. If the filter condition is not met, the workflow will continue with the “Red” branche. In booth branches it is possible to set a new filter step.

To select the filter conditions, you have to click on the open filter settings button, which is available in the right menu. Next you have to click on the filter button to select the filter condition. For an extensive guide on how the filter works please click here.

  1. The filter menu opens in the filter clause you can select all the profile properties or the events. In this example the filter is on the event: Emailcampaigns Email clicked.
  2. In this field you can set the filter on at least or at most.
  3. In this field you can select the time of when the event had to took place, it is possible to select: Anytime, on (a specific date), last n days, on exactly given days ago, in the past given years, more than given years ago and in between selected past years.
  4. In this field you select the amount of the at least of at most filter.
  5. In this field you can add a filter clause. If you select a new filter clause for instance if you want only want to re-target customers from a country, you select it here. Basically you start at step 1 again.
  6. If your filter is finished, you first press on the check button and then on the OK button. If you want to select another group, you can select the OR button and you start on step 1 again.

From this point the Workflow is as follows: people who subscribe to your website get automatically an email (Event added workflow trigger & email step), after a week (Wait step), there are two branches the Green branche who opened the mail and the Red branche that did not open the mail (Filter step). The customers that get in the green branche gets a new mail(Mail step). The people in the red branche gets a reminding text message (Message step).


If you have any questions. Please contact your Onboarding Manager.

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