Help Products Channels How do I start to test with WhatsApp sandbox and how do I set it up?

How do I start to test with WhatsApp sandbox and how do I set it up?

Fleur Kamp
Fleur Kamp
Updated 9 months ago

Follow the next step and you will be ready to test with our WhatsApp sandbox.

  1. Login to the platform
  2. Check that you have credit on your account, if not, top up.
  3. Go to Channels
  4. Click on WhatsApp.
  • if you do not have a WhatsApp nor made a request for one yet then a pop-up will appear click on “Test WhatsApp”.
  • if you already have a WhatsApp Business account then click on the top right to switch to the Sandbox environment.

5. Follow the instructions to set the Sandbox up:

  • Click on “Add a phone number”
  • Enter the phone number
  • Wait for the approval of
  • Your phone number is now connected to our sandbox environment
  • Set up the inbound setting by adding a destination:

- Customer Contact (link to Customer Contact)

- Webhook

- Emails

  • Check the traffic via the Messaging Log
  • Set up outgoing messages with personal API key via our Messaging Gateway configuration app (if you are not using our Customer Contact app).

6. Enjoy and start testing!

Note that WhatsApp templates cannot be tested in the sandbox environment and will require you to get your WhatsApp Business Account up and running.

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