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What is WhatsApp sandbox?
Updated 1 year ago

Before being able to start using WhatsApp Business, you need to first make a request for a WhatsApp Business Account. After the request is submitted to Facebook, it will take a while to have it approved.

To allow you to start testing and developing your WhatsApp Business solution and flow before having your own WhatsApp Business Account approved, you have the possibility to use our WhatsApp Sandbox environment. This is a testing environment.

You can connect up to three phone numbers to the WhatsApp sandbox environment. When a message will be sent from these connected numbers to our Sandbox WhatsApp profile, they will be assigned to your account.

You can test WhatsApp with our sandbox in three different ways:

  1. Via our Customer Contact: get a feeling of our Customer Contact app.
  2. You can connect via Webhook for incoming messages. You do not have to wait to develop and test on your own software or apps. You can start testing your own process and bots. For outgoing messaging, you can connect and test via our Business Messaging API.
  3. You can forward incoming messages to an email address.

Do you want to learn how to set it up, take a look at our article here.

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