Enhance your FMCG Business in the omnichannel era

Increase conversions, boost revenue, and drive efficiencies, with an omnichannel FMCG strategy.

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Personal Care Products

Customers can interact with the personal care products brands, submit feedback and get offers through WhatsApp, SMS and other messaging channels.


Food and Beverages

Offer personalised food and beverages product updates whilst creating a seamless quote of particular products via the most popular chat channels.



Automate personalised back in stock emails, SMS and WhatsApp message, and replenishment of products to retailers.


Household Products

Enable quick and seamless onboarding via digital signatures and keep client conversations inside their preferred messaging channels.

You deliver the experience,
we deliver the tools

A customer centric approach in FMCG is built on automation and personalisation. Our platform enables FMCG providers to streamline operations and offer an excellent user experience for their customers.


Real-time assistance through alerts and notifications

Automate the ordering process to save time for your team. Enable AI bots to predict orders based on previous orders, confirm the order with the retailer, and quickly enter the order into the system.

Conversational AI Cloud

Build and personalise promotional marketing campaigns

Save time and work more efficiently - by automating customer journeys across several channels using segments and workflows, while keeping campaigns hyper-personalised for new product releases.

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Reach customers on any channel

Provide your customers with on-the-go access to your customer support via their favourite messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and more in one interface

Conversational Channels

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