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The NGO sector in numbers


active NGOs in Kenya. This is made up of a few multinational foundations, the majority of which focus on environmental, health, and humanitarian issues. (Annual NGO sector Report 2020).


employees. The charity and NGO industry contributes significantly to the Kenyan economy in a variety of ways, including employment generation. (Annual NGO sector Report 2020).

KES.158.7 billion

of donations were received for Non-Government Organisations operating in Kenya during the fiscal year 2019/2020. (Annual Report on the NGO Sector, 2020).


beneficiaries during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic providing relief services, water and sanitation, and provision of health care. (Annual NGO sector Report 2020).

How can help you



Engage your beneficiaries using messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to offer more accurate advice about effectively managing cropping and crop disease.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were turning to non-government organisations for healthcare information, resources and support. You can scale to meet those needs by offering access to important information using messaging channels and chatbots.



NGOs need strong engagement with their local community and helps them do that. Cloud software such as Mobile Marketing Cloud enables NGOs to personalise their beneficiaries interactions, to be more relevant and increase engagement.


Inspire your supporters to do more everyday

Build relationships with your donors and volunteers by reaching them on the communication channels they prefer.

Make it simpler for people to contact you and donate, by enabling short codes (which are easy to remember), SMS and WhatsApp messaging support to inspire action for social change.

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Increase your donor retention rate

From creating awareness to attracting donations, charity marketing may be difficult until now. With the use of mobile landing pages, you can easily add rich media and form fields to drive fundraising, stimulate interest in events, and encourage beneficiary interaction.

The Guide to Conversational Messaging

Engage with beneficiaries via their preferred channel

Make it easier for people to communicate with your organisation. Choosing the best Conversational Channels for you and your beneficiaries is important. Download our guide to discover each channel.

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