Empowering Customer Care with Powerful Chatbots

Enable chatbots (conversational agents) without development skills. Drag, drop, write scripts, and start the conversation.

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Happy Customers, Employees, and Response Time

Improve customer satisfaction

Many customers contacting you? Reaching out outside opening hours? No worries! With the CM chatbot, the most common questions can be answered instantly, without human interference.

Improve employee happiness

No more wasting time on repetitive tasks while the conversation queue keeps growing. Now, you can focus on the important conversations, which is more enjoyable for both you and your customer.

Reduce response time

Out chatbot is faster than the speed of sound. Or at least faster than typing yourself. If it's scripted, he'll know what to do. He can keep the conversation going following your own script.

Automate and Improve Customer Care with the CM Chatbot

Even if you have no experience with chatbots, with the CM Chatbot, you'll get your chats going with minimum effort. By combining your knowledge on your business and your customers with our experience with chatbots, your customers will be talking to your bots in no time!

Easy, rich and quick service for you and your customers. Let the chatbot handle easy recurring conversations, so your customer care deliver real value.

  1. Design your automated chatbot flows.

  2. Reduce pressure on customer care.

  3. Improve customer satisfaction.


Chatbots for Multichannel Messaging

You serve your customers on their preferred channel. Now, you can offer modern automated service on every channel available with the a Chatbot.

Regardless of channel your customers choose, you will be able to deliver fast and accurate service. Where all conversations are monitored, in one easy to use dashboard.

We provide both a scripted CM Chatbot and a fully automated Digital CX AI chatbot which really pushes the boundaries of modern customer care.

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Hand Over or Take Over

The CM Chatbot is here to help. But that doesn't mean it never needs your help. Whenever a conversation gets too complex, the chatbot will automatically hand over the conversation to one of the customer care agents. The customer care agents will have real-time insight in the chatbot conversations.

Want to take over a conversation? simply pick up where the bot left off. And yes, you'll see the entire conversation history right there on your screen.

By combining business rules and machine learning, the Digital CX chatbot is continuously improved to guarantee quality conversations.

Digital CX Chatbot

Janitor is his Middle Name - Fastest Time to Market

Sure, not having to answer repetitive questions like "What are your opening hours?", "What is your return policy?" or "I want to order a table for tonight" would help reduce stress on your team. But the chatbot can act also as a janitor for your incoming conversations, filtering out spam messages that would only waste your time.

CM Chatbot is operational as soon as you give him a script. That means a 10 times faster time to market than if you were to rely on coding or machine learning. Add as many scripts as you need, helping the chatbot gather all the information he needs to help resolve the customer's query.

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Get Started With the CM Chatbot Right Away

  1. We'll setup, test and improve your bot

  2. Once chatbot is live, start chatting.

  3. We'll train you to manage the bot.

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