Partner Programme

You deliver the experience, we deliver the tools - working together to compliment your business.

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Partnering with is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce. We enable partners to deliver a superior customer experience for their clients through our Web Applications and APIs. Automate and personalise all customer interactions through the most popular messaging channels. 


Software Partners

Are you a software provider looking to offer communication channels for your customers or clients via our APIs? >

Solution Partners

Are you a solution provider looking to bring more value for your clients whilst expanding your product offering? >


Do you have a network of clients to whom you would like to market, resell or refer our messaging products or software solutions? >


Software Partners

As a software or technology provider, you can expand your solution portfolio by offering communication capabilities across multiple channels using our APIs.

  1. Programs to suit SaaS and independent software vendors (ISVs).

  2. Add SMS, Voice, WhatsApp Business, RCS, Apple Messages for Business.

  3. Work with dedicated customer success and technical support teams.


Solution Partners

Bring more value to your customers whilst introducing a new revenue stream into your business. Combine your solutions with ours to offer customers all-in-one solutions.

  1. Help enterprise clients realise conversational commerce value.

  2. Keep communications centralised across multiple channels.

  3. A team dedicated to clients that you recommend us.


Reseller Partners

Monetise A2P communication over OTT channels such a WhatsApp and native telecom products such as SMS and Voice. Our experts will support you throughout the integration process.

  1. Local presence in 20 countries with local technical support.

  2. ISO27001 and GDPR-ready platform with 99% uptime guaranteed.

  3. Flexible pricing model with a focus on creating value for you.

1 Platform for All Channels

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SMS & OTT Channels

Reach customers with fast, reliable SMS and OTT Messaging Channels.

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Service Cloud

Manage conversations from every channel inside one customer support inbox.

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Marketing Cloud

Create 360° customer profiles and automate communication with relevance. 


Build AI and scripted chatbot flows across channels using drag and drop logic.

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Enable fast and secure completion of contracts, agreements and documents.

What Our Partners Say

The system is very straightforward; our programmer could easily work with it. The same goes for the end-users: they find Sign very simple, pleasant and intuitive to use. Actually, it is quite difficult not to understand Sign.

LIFT Software

Sign plays an important role in the placement of candidates. We use it for our recruitment and staffing software. We experience Sign as a very flexible product; it works extremely easily and intuitively.

Mysolution Recruitment and Staffing Software

"Now that Sign has been fully integrated into Kolibri's software, real estate agents can quickly draw up and send legal documents and can have them digitally signed instantaneously. The use of Sign is transparent and simple. There are no hidden costs and the customer pays according to usage."

Kolibri Real Estate Software

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