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Fast and secure completion of contracts, agreements and documents without unnecessary printing and scanning of documents.

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Pricing - Pay per Signed Document

Choose the plan that suits you best

KES 6,999 / 50 docs
  • Send Sign requests via email.

  • Secured authenticity of the document(s) including an audit trail.

  • Drag and drop document editor including personal workflows.

  • Real-time status tracking.

  • Automatic reminders and notifications.

  • Support: Ticket support during office hours.

  • Unique: Pay per signed document.

  • Unique: Unlimited number of users.

KES 11,999 / 50 docs
  • Basic features +

  • Custom branding and style.

  • Creation and usage of templates.

  • Identity verification via One Time Password.

  • Support: Ticket, chat and phone support during office hours.

  • Advanced features +

  • API credentials access.

  • Custom integration with your CRM.

  • Use your own mail server and templates.

  • Custom integration with your (web) application.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • Support: 24/7 ticket, chat and phone support.

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