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Get the tools you need to reach your goals

Whether you’re a quick online learner or need more complex one-on-one integration support, we have various plans to help you succeed. Professional services can help you get more value out of the platform allowing you to reach your goals much faster.

Our CM.Com experts can help you with:

In-depth training

Train your team to become Mobile Marketing Cloud experts.

Campaign Management

Increase capacity and let us manage your campaign.

Campaign Strategy

Create your customer journey using Mobile Marketing Cloud.


Get more out of your already up and running Cloud.


Integrate the Clouds in your company and systems.


In-depth Training

In this online video call training, you will learn how to use the Mobile Marketing Platform. Build both manual and automated campaigns. Analyse the results and create a hyper-personalised customer experience.

During the training you will:

  1. Learn to import, manage and integrate data in the CDP.

  2. Learn how to use our campaign management tools.

  3. Learn how to create marketing automation workflows.

  4. Learn how to visualise and analyse the results on the dashboard.

Example of SMS and Mobile Landing Page

Campaign Management

When you choose campaign management, we take you through the setup and rollout of your mobile marketing campaign; from SMS to Pages and Email campaigns.

The Campaign Management package contains:

  1. Create assets in campaign management tools.

  2. Manage the entire campaign production process.

  3. Add a campaign to your automated workflows.

  4. Analyse and evaluate the campaign.


Campaign Strategy Workshop

The Campaign Strategy workshop is a 4 hour focused session where we will help you to visualise your customer journey using the possibilities of the platform. 

During the 4 hour workshop we will:

  1. Brainstorm about customer journey workflows.

  2. Create a campaign calendar.

  3. Brainstorm about possible campaigns.

  4. Give a price indication of various options and roll-out.



After the Kickstart project, you can choose to work with optimisation projects to get more out of your already up and running account.

In a 1,5-month optimisation project we will:

  1. Review current strategy and campaigns.

  2. Brainstorm new strategies and campaigns.

  3. Propose improvements and give an indication of pricing.

  4. Manage and roll out new improvements.

Kickstart Project

Kickstarts are focused projects to integrate the Mobile Marketing Cloud in your organisation and start using it successfully.

A 3 month kickstart project consists of:

  1. Set goals and expectations for your company.

  2. Connect all data sources to the Customer Data Platform.

  3. Train your marketing team to become experts.

  4. Rollout first campaigns and create workflows.

Professional services pricing packages

for Mobile Marketing Cloud

Package Description Price Duration
Package Description Price Duration

In-depth training

Train your team to become expert

KES 31,080

2 Hours

Campaign Management

Increase capacity & manage your campaign

KES 96,000

Full Campaign

Campaign Strategy Workshop

Create your customer journey

KES 100,680

4 Hours

Optimisation Session 

Get more out of your up & running Cloud

KES 120,000

1,5 Month


Integrate your systems into the CDP

KES 330,000

3 Months

Questions? We’ll put you on the right plan.

Feel free to be in touch with us to learn more about how Professional Services can help you get more value from the Platform and reach your goals faster.

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