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Mobile Push

Mobile Push notifications for engaged customers

Inform, activate and retain your app users with personalised, rich, and targeted mobile push notifications.

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Engage your audience with Push notifications

Improve retention, increase satisfaction


High volume sending

Our platform is able to send out up to 3.5 million messages in 15 seconds. Start sending out thousands of push messages using our API and platform SDKs.


Target the right audience

Segment your audience based on behaviour and send personalised messages or announcements to specific target groups on their preferred device. 


Analyse results and performance

Test different messages and analyse message performances. Check the results and continually optimise performance to improve your results.

Push notifications

Boost engagement with rich Push notifications

Mobile Push Notifications is a high-performance and cost-effective medium to reach your audience. We give you all the tools you need to create engaging push notifications that your customers will love. Be on their mobile device in an instant.

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    Send engaging Push messages with our Business Messaging API.

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    Boost your engagement by adding images, GIFs, videos, or audio.

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    Ensure delivery by setting up an automatic fallback to SMS.

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Personalise your Push notifications

Why deliver the same message to your entire user base when you can boost engagement with personalised notifications.

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    Use data collected to execute personalised campaigns.

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    Segment your audience: behaviour, history, demographics.

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    Send automated messages from segments in customer data platform.

Integrate mobile Push in your communication strategy

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Send new product offers or promote a sale to increase conversion.

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Trigger push notifications based on your customers' lifecycle events.

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Connect location data with customers' preferences for a personalised experience.

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Alerts and updates

Bring relevant information at the right time and generate extra added value.

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Send updates on order status: tracking, shipping, invoicing, or password reset.

Add mobile Push to your multi-channel campaign strategy

Create campaigns over multiple channels and get higher engagement at every step of your customer journey. Think about email, website, SMS, WhatsApp Business, and paid ads.

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We offer three pricing bundles to suit your business needs

Pricing quoted in KES

From 12999

per month

Monthly Active Users
  • Counts the number of unique users you engaged within a calendar month.

  • The best option for multiple messages to a limited set of users.

  • Use Cases: newsletters, daily updates.

From 11999

per month

  • Counts the amount of 24-hours window messages to a unique user.

  • The best option for chats with customers with a clear start and endpoint.

  • Use Cases: customer support, Q&A, conversational bots.

From 7999

per month

  • Counts all inbound and outbound messages to applicable channels.

  • The best option for single messages with limited responses.

  • Use Cases: notifications, reminders, marketing.

Get access to mobile Push via our API

Messaging API

Business Messaging API

Integrate Push directly with our Business Messaging API, connect to your customers on their preferred channels. Our API combines multiple communication channels into a single platform. Get access to high-volume two-way messaging and global reach capabilities.

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Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one marketing software solution enabling your company to deliver the ultimate customer journey. It increases engagement and conversion, making it easy to create personalised and relevant campaigns in multiple channels. 

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Start sending mobile Push notifications

Increase your customer's engagement by sending mobile Push Messages and connect to all mobile channels via one Business Messaging API.

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