Sign Documents Online with Digital Signatures.

A fast and secure electronic signature solution for business contracts, agreements, invoices and more.

The Advantages of Digital Signatures

Save time and costs

Sending and processing contracts takes a lot less time and is completely paperless

More results and revenue

Companies that have switched to Sign receive contracts signed on average 7 days earlier

Use everywhere

No special software required - do everything via the web or integrate via api - sign on any device, including mobile

Less risk

The signatories are identified and the documents secured which is better than physical contracts

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What is a Digital Signature?

The traditional way of signing is a time-consuming and expensive process. A digital signature solves that, because there is no longer a pen, printer or scanner!

In addition to lower costs and more revenue, agreements are concluded faster. Together with lower risk and higher scalability, this ensures an enormously positive impact. More than 90% of all organisations indicate that time-saving innovations determine their success.

Using our digital signature solution allows your clients to sign your contracts online, creating a legally valid signature. You won't be able to create a signature for download to use elsewhere.

Electronic signature

How Does Digital Signing Work?

With Sign you send PDF and Word documents to signatories via SMS, Email and WhatsApp Business.

Recipients can then easily digitally sign these documents via their mobile, tablet, or laptop - no special app or program is required to sign.

Once signed, the contracts are provided with a time stamp and secured with a certificate giving your pdf document its own digital signature.

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Are Digital Signatures Legally Valid?

A digital signature, also known as electronic signature is 100% legally valid.

Electronic Signatures in Kenya are recognized under "The Business Laws (Amendment) Act, Number 1 of 2020" that came into force on 18 March 2020. The Kenyan law adheres to the EU Directive on electronic signatures. Any company operating in Kenya market can use Sign as a signing method, and they are treated equally as handwritten signatures.

Digital signature OTP via SMS

Are Digital Signatures Secure?

Online security and data protection is critical in this modern world. It has become a key priority for digital businesses.

How do you know for sure who has signed? Using our OTP solution, you can add an additional layer of security to your contracts.

Offer opportunities for signatories of your document(s) to identify themselves via Two-Factor Authentication using SMS.

More about OTPs

Sector Specific Applications for Digital Signatures

Sign is widely used inside


Digitization is moving at a rapid pace. More government institutions work completely digitally. Sign allows government institutions to grow digitally.

Banking & Finance

With Sign you can comply with the regulations and improve the customer experience. Documents can be signed faster to make the organisation grow faster.

Real Estate & Legal

Whether it’s signing legal contracts, buying, renting or selling. Sign helps centralise all your real estate documents and get electronic signatures to complete agreements faster.


Healthcare institutions process a lot or paperwork - information must be secure and easily accessible. Accelerate processes now with digital signing and reduce costs.

Sign - Pricing

Pick the plan that fits your needs


KES 6999 per 50 docs

  • Drag and drop document editor.

  • Send documents via email.

  • Cloud storage.

  • Real-time status tracking.

  • Automatic reminders and notifications.

  • Set up your own signing workflows.

  • Support: Ticket support during office hours.


KES 9999 per 50 docs

  • Basic features +

  • Custom branding and style.

  • Two factor authentication via SMS (for advanced electronic signature, AdEs).

  • Connected payment methods possible.

  • Support: Ticket, chat and phone support during office hours.


Price on request

  • Advanced features +

  • API.

  • Custom integration with your CRM.

  • Use your own mail server and templates.

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Pay Only for a Fully Signed Document

Sign has a unique price model: a fixed price for a fully signed document.

  1. Pay only when a document is fully signed, not when you send it.

  2. No signature also means no costs.

  3. Use Sign with as many users as you want. Without extra costs.

Integrate Sign via Our API helps companies with the latest technologies. In addition, we make the process as simple and efficient as possible for the user. That's why we also offer extensive technical support to integrate Sign into existing systems. Download our implementation guide for more information.

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