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Marketers Can Miss Up To 30% of Their Data

Due to the advent of ad blockers, browsers with tracking prevention, and privacy legislation, marketers are missing between 10% and 30% of their attribution data in Google Analytics and Facebook.

TraceDock lets you recover that data in a privacy-friendly way, via a plug-and-play solution.

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First-party data collection

First-Party Data Collection

Most browsers with tracking prevention (such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet) block all data towards Google Analytics. Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is a little different: it limits cookies to 1 to 7 days, and after that period any returning visitors are identified as new visitors.

In other words, tracking prevention means your marketing data is no longer accurate. Which results in not having a clear view of what’s working, and what's not.

TraceDock solves this via a first-party integration working in parallel to Google Analytics to ensure correct attribution and privacy-friendly data.

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Cookieless data collection

Cookieless Data Collection

Cookie laws (relevant in some countries like Denmark) mean some websites can’t place a cookie if a user rejects consent. This prevents Google Analytics from working properly.

If a user rejects consent, TraceDock uses a server-side hash instead of client-side cookies for irreversible (one-way), thus anonymised and privacy-proof​ data. Enabling you to get complete insights in attribution modelling and user journeys.

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Server-Side Transaction Tracking

Current e-commerce transactions rely on client-side events on “thank you” pages, resulting in incomplete customer journeys and measurement differences in reported revenue in Google Analytics and Facebook.

TraceDock removes the measurement error by connecting transaction data with session data, resulting in correct attribution data in Google Analytics and Facebook.

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How Much Data Are You Missing?

The current state of analytics means you’re missing out on a big chunk of your data. To figure out how much, consider these three questions.

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All commercial first-party cookies have a limited lifetime of 1 to 7 days in Safari. As a result, it's not possible to attribute long customer journeys on Safari to the correct (paid) source.

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Current (enhanced) e-commerce events are not accurate due to a mix of tracking prevention and client-side transaction tracking.

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Current e-commerce transactions rely on client-side events on “thank you pages”, which results in broken customer journeys and inaccurate revenue attribution to your paid marketing efforts.

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TraceDock reveals an over 10% more users and revenue that where previously lost in our analytics platform. This allows us to optimise our ad spend in Google Ads and Facebook more efficiently and achieve a higher return on investment.

Simon Vreeman, Growth Marketing Manager at VanMoof


TraceDock results in a significant uplift in traffic that we measure in Google Analytics which allows us to manage our online marketing conversion campaigns even more precisely whilst respecting our user’s personal data and privacy intent.

Hans de Bruin, Manager Online Marketing at Independer


Now Sanitairwinkel is not reliant solely on Google Analytics, we can track all transitions via the server and know that our core website analytics are always correct. There’s no more guesswork involved and we can plan our marketing activities, and budget, with confidence.

Jaap Melchels, Team Lead Online Marketing at Sanitairwinkel


If you are serious about your customer data and spend a lot of time and money on digital marketing channels, you always need accurate data to support and inform your strategy and budget. TraceDock helps you get that information so you can make more accurate budget decisions.

Martijn Scheijbeler, VP of Marketing at RVshare


As Business Intelligence (BI) at Greetz, our goal is to relate each transaction to the channel it originated. It is frustrating to see how transactions are pushed into ‘direct’, sometimes up to 30 to 40%. With TraceDock we attributed 30% of our traffic more accurately.

Bouke Plat, Head of E-Business Intelligence at Greetz

Preserve consumers’ privacy

Preserve Consumers’ Privacy

TraceDock retains crucial data while respecting consumers’ privacy.

Online specialists can still get the data they need, but in a privacy-friendly way.

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Up and Running in Only 20 Minutes

TraceDock is easy to implement, without any training. You can do it yourself or together with an agency that partners with us.

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