Two-Way Messaging

Start a two-way conversation with your customers

Use Two-Way Messaging via SMS to send and receive replies, follow up on customer responses, and track who has replied.

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Get your short code or long number for two-way messaging

Two-way messaging starts with either a dedicated or shared short code or a long number. Enabling Two-way messaging via short codes and long numbers will allow your business to receive messages and replies from your customers at minimum cost, thereby starting meaningful two-way conversations.

Choose Between a Short Code or Long Number

Long Number

Long numbers are cheaper to use than short codes and allow you to receive replies and phone calls from customers from international destinations.

Shared Short Code

A shared short code is a more cost-effective solution. You'll be assigned a unique SMS keyword, but you will share the short code with other businesses.

Dedicated Short Code

A dedicated short code is dedicated to your brand. Choose between a random short code or opt for a vanity short code and choose the number you want to use.

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Start Two-Way Conversations With Customers

Enabling two-way messaging using short codes and long numbers allows your business to receive messages and answers from consumers via SMS at a minimum cost.

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    Communicate your number for customers to reach you on

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    Enable real-time interaction with your audience

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    Improve the customer experience and drive conversions

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Receive and Reply to Text Messages

Our two-way text messaging service makes it easy to strike up conversations. Choose the right sender type, send out SMS campaigns, receive reactions and reply to incoming questions.

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    Send and receive SMS messages worldwide

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    Choose from local numbers in 37 countries

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    Use one number for multiple mobile channels

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How Two-Way SMS Can Improve Your Messaging Strategy

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A short code campaign enables a feedback loop to improve your service.

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Lead generation

A great way for recipients to receive an instant response from a lead request.

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A long number is a cost-effective way to gather votes for any voting campaign.

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Schedule reminders

Allow customers to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments.

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Allow anyone to donate to your charity using a short code or long number.

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How to Apply for a Short Code or Long Number?

Register your business on our platform and request your number directly via the Channels dashboard. Pricing will vary depending on the number and country.

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How Other Brands Use Two-Way SMS

In previous years, we asked people to send a keyword to a given short code via SMS. This way, people could make a 3 euro donation per SMS. This year, we did things a bit differently.

Stefanie Gordijn, Digital Strategist at Cordaid

It was important for us to find an easy way to track engagement with our traditional media and event activations. By using we’re able to get access to real-time data for our short code, and use it to improve our offline activities.

Jenny Coulsen, Marketing Manager at The Entertainer SA

Easy Multi-Channel Messaging Through a Single API

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Connect to All Conversational Channels

Go beyond SMS and reach your customers exactly where they are on the channel they prefer. Easily increase your customer's engagement and connect to all channels like WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business and Instagram Messaging via one Business Messaging API.

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Grow Your Business With Two-Way Messaging

Request your short code or a long number and get started straight away with Two-Way SMS Messaging. Contact us for information or pricing to different countries.

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