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Send notifications with our API for WhatsApp Business or streamline omnichannel conversations with our Customer Contact tool.

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Experience the Power of the WhatsApp Business Solution

The WhatsApp Business Solution via is a valuable and powerful tool for high volume business to customer communication and contact centers with multiple agents - make the most of every customer interaction by delivering exceptional support via WhatsApp.

Enrich Your Customer Service and Support Efforts, 24/7/365

With the API for WhatsApp, you can connect with your customers globally in their favourite messaging app.

Using WhatsApp for your business messaging opens the door for better communication with your customers, whilst reducing pressure on your customer support team - an opportunity to build long-lasting relationships.

From alerts to general support queries, exceed expectations with the WhatsApp Business Solution:

  1. Alerts and notify: From flight alerts to booking confirmations.

  2. Customer support: Support customer with two-way conversations.

  3. SMS fall-back: Ensure messages delivery during limited network.

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Enable Customer Support From Our Platform or Yours

Our platform: One Contact Center tool for all your conversations: Receive incoming support queries or start a conversation with your customers in a single inbox. Our web-based interface combines conversations from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, Telegram and Viber together in one inbox.

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Your platform: Simple Integration via API: Our Business Messaging API enables you to send messages from your own system so you can have two-way conversations via SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, RCS and Viber.

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multi-channel messaging

Real-Time Notifications and Support via Chatbot or Agents


Use the contact array to send contact information to your users.


Send images, videos, audios, and documents to complete processes faster.


Share location information in real-time to enhance delivery experiences.

User Verification

Securely protect customer accounts with two factor authentication.


Build a chatbot to assist users with getting FAQs answered faster.

How Our Customers Use WhatsApp to Improve Customer Support

We've teamed up with some of our customers to share their success stories. Read how businesses, across various industries successfully use the WhatsApp Business API for better service and support.

Website Customer Support via WhatsApp Live Chat

Being present and reachable via WhatsApp means providing instant communication to customers, with a significant impact on the customer experience.

However, on WhatsApp, you can’t search for companies - by name or location. Therefore, you’ll need to make your WhatsApp service visible to your customers throughout each step in the customer journey. For that purpose, we have some suggestions, with this code.

  1. For website and desktop visitors: Scan the QR code.

  2. For website and desktop visitors: Open WhatsApp web.

  3. For mobile device visitors: Automatically open the WhatsApp chat.

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WhatsApp Web Chat QR code

Companies using the WhatsApp Business API

Can chat with customers in two ways:

Customer Care Window

Respond to customer-initiated conversations over WhatsApp for free within 24 hours of the first message being sent. Enable your contact center agents to send session and template messages.

About Customer Care

Rich Message Templates

Collect opt-ins from your customers so you can initiate the conversation with rich message templates. Send notifications which can be sent both in and outside the 24 hour window.

About Message Templates

Choose a Price Plan for Your Business

Contact us for custom pricing.

KES 11,990
Per month


  • First business profile = free

  • Extra business profile = NA

  • 5,000 Customer Care messages included P/M

  • Above 5k messages: KES 2,50 fee per message applies

  • Capability for 10 Message Templates: See cost per templated message sent

  • Volume discounts not available

  • Prices excl 14% VAT

KES 34,990
Per month


  • First business profile = free

  • Extra business profile = KES 10,000 P/M

  • 50,000 Customer Care messages included P/M

  • Above 50k messages: KES 1,50 fee per message applies

  • Capability for 100 Message Templates: See cost per templated message sent

  • Volume discounts not available

  • Prices excl 14% VAT

KES 49,990
Per month


  • First business profile = free

  • Extra business profile = KES 10,000 P/M

  • 50,000 Customer Care messages included P/M

  • Above 50k messages: KES 1,00 fee per message applies

  • Unlimited Message Templates: See cost per templated message sent

  • Contact us for custom pricing

  • Prices excl 14% VAT

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WhatsApp for Customer Service

Once approved by WhatsApp, you can start sending messages. Use our Contact Center tool or the WhatsApp API to provide customer support via WhatsApp.

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Choosing as your official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, enables your business to connect to WhatsApp Business, as well as all the other popular messaging channels.

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