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Integrate Apple Business Chat Beta into your communication suite and turn any conversation into a successful conversion.

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Interact with Apple users

Connect up to 1.4 billion active users of Apple devices with iOS 11.3. or higher and handle chats via Apple Business Chat.

Enrich customer care

Enable easy and secure customer contact to help, schedule appointments and complete purchases with Apple Pay.

Guarantee delivery with SMS fallback

Reach your customers anytime and anywhere. If there is no internet connection available, an SMS fallback is initiated.

Your direct connection to iOS devices

Apple Business Chat is a powerful channel to connect directly with customers on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Customers start conversations with you through web, in-app, social media, Apple Maps, iOS Search or by tapping on any phone number chosen by you.

Conversations Apple Business Chat

Improve customer service

On Apple Business Chat, customers initiate the conversation whenever it's convenient for them. They will have access to all conversations they had with you previously. Because of the many features of Apple Business Chat, rich services can be provided, all within this one messaging channel.

Apple Business Chat puts an end to waiting lines and customers being put on hold, for example by integrating smart automation and chat bots. Deliver seamless support to grow customer loyalty.

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** Fees apply for 3rd party ISVs integrations

Monthly Active Users (unique customers)
Monthly Active Users (unique customers)

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€ 99 / month

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€ 149 / month

Up to 2500

€ 249 / month

Up to 5000

€ 349 / month

Up to 10000

€ 499 / month

> 10000

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* One-time onboarding fee applies

** Fees apply for 3rd party ISVs integrations

Omnichannel messaging from a single dashboard

With the Mobile Service Cloud, you have access to all messaging channels, tools, and features to lift your customer care to the highest level. Our conversation dashboard minimizes pressure on your agents and enables you to maximize NPS and ROI.

Communicate with your customers through their preferred messaging channel like, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Twitter, SMS and manage all conversations in one easy to use dashboard.

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multi channel messaging

One Business Messaging API to rule them all

The Business Messaging API enables you to send messages from your system to mobile phones all around the world.

This RESTful API is the main interface between your application and the Platform and can be implemented to communicate via various communication channels such as SMS, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, RCS and Viber. We support single messages and high volumes.

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We've connected Apple Business Chat to our Conversational Commerce offering. Apple Business Chat is a powerful channel, creating the ultimate Conversational Commerce experience.

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