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Mobile Marketing Cloud

How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing in Retail and eCommerce

Working as marketer in retail or e-commerce means that you know a lot about your customers, such as where they are from, their purchase history (online or offline), and what they want or need. Moreover, you know that they expect a seamless shopping experience. Not only when it comes to when or how to shop, but today’s customers also expect a choice in how they communicate. Offering a website or app is not enough. How are retail and eCommerce businesses coping with all the demands of their customers?’s Mobile Marketing Cloud to meet the needs of your customers

Choosing the right communication channel is vital in optimizing customer experience, which plays a big part in ensuring a customer's loyalty to a brand. Consumers now prefer mobile as their primary communication channel, and they want answers, products, services immediately, on their terms. To meet these needs, offers the Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC). MMC is an omnichannel marketing automation tool focused on mobile and built specifically for B2C marketers. It collects data from multiple sources and builds 360° unified customer profiles. Segmentations and workflows for personalized marketing campaigns are all possible with MMC.

Empower your marketing strategy

Marketers working in retail or eCommerce are already aware of the importance of communication channels. They share content via social media, websites, apps, and other messaging channels to interact with their customers. However, marketing these days is all about both sides knowing what the conversation is about — delivering personalized and relevant communication not just using the right channel, but also at the right time.

Companies all have access to valuable customer data, but is your team leveraging on this correctly? To take hyper-personalized marketing to the next level,’s Customer Data Platform, which is part of the MMC, is a good place to start.

Some customers prefer shopping online to in-store, but similarly, when it comes to communication – some shoppers prefer voice calls over messaging. By using the right communications channels, brands improve their customer experience by keeping consumers satisfied. Without building a complex infrastructure or an interface, the MMC allows retailers to add communication capabilities such as SMS, Voice, Email, and more to their existing applications.

retail messaging channelsAutomated and personalized messaging campaigns can be sent based on the customer's recent activities and interest. For example, when shipping is delayed due to traffic, the customer can receive an alert on their mobile phone before they contact the company themselves. Or you can thank your customers post-purchase with an SMS. By offering seamless service, your brand will gain loyal customers and increase customer retention.

3 tips to turn casual shoppers into loyal customers

  • More traffic online and in-store

Shoppers are everywhere, but how do you get their attention? Make sure that you reach your target group with the marketing channel they prefer. Don’t just think of email, add SMS, Voice, and Chat to your marketing mix of automated campaigns. This will result in more visitors and more sales.

  • Exceed expectations

Your loyal customers are priceless. They generate the most sales and can actually promote your brand to others. Keep them happy! Stay in touch with your customers before, during, and after purchase. Use SMS as a service to thank your customer or give them real-time order status updates. Tempt them with relevant offers and personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Prevent abandoned shopping carts

74% of shoppers fill up their shopping cart, but eventually abandon your website before check out. Prevent this through engaging your customer when on your website through a live chat. Ensure you provide them sufficient information and incentive to complete the purchase.

The Marketing Cloud truly focused on Mobile

Mobile Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud truly focused on Mobile

Mobile Marketing Cloud
connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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