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Cash Crusaders adds the WhatsApp Business solution for multi-channel messaging with customers.

Fast and Convenient Communication

Cash Crusaders is a new and second-hand goods retailer specialising in buying and selling both second hand and brand new products through over 220 stores. Cash Crusaders was looking for the easiest form of communication with customers which led them to the WhatsApp Business Solution via

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Support and Empower Communities

Since inception, they’ve already noticed an increase in response rate. We spoke to Andrea Lucchetta, Product Manager at Cash Crusaders Franchising.

Cash Crusaders is a respected national franchise brand that fast became part of the South African mainstream retail landscape. From their humble beginnings in 1996, they now boast more than 220 stores. The vision of Cash Crusaders is to support and empower communities economically by giving individuals the tools to run their own businesses, and adding value to their customers’ lives. In doing so, they make a positive contribution to the communities of Southern Africa. 

Easiest Form of Communication

Andrea: “Each day, we strive to be a first-choice retailer by empowering entrepreneurs to offer the best deals for our community.” That includes offering them the best in customer care. “WhatsApp is the easiest form of communication for our customers who approach us via online channels to sell or pawn their goods.” And the most popular. 

Indispensable in the Customer Journey

The Messaging channel WhatsApp is aimed to support their customers in the purchase phase. It is aimed to improve engagement and customer care. Therefore, Cash Crusaders first integrated the WhatsApp Business solution on October 14th 2019. Andrea: “We were looking to increase the response rate from clients who want to sell products online. We have standard email templates that are sent to clients with each transaction. Now, we’ve included our WhatsApp number on those emails, promoting WhatsApp as our customer care channel.”

Traffic has immediately started coming in through this chat app, proving once more that people appreciate and even prefer this channel for customer care. Both customers and franchisors can initiate the conversation whenever they want. Examples of their customer care notifications via this popular messaging channel are, amongst others:

“Good day, welcome to Cash Crusaders Online. Please provide us with your reference number in order for us to assist you promptly.”

“Kindly provide the following in order for your application to be processed: ID number, full address, model number and clear images of the item please.”

“Thank you, I will forward it to the online consultant to process.”

All customer support via WhatsApp is done by live agents. No preset Message Templates are used at the moment. Template messages may however be incorporated as the customer support demand evolve.

Promising Results From the Very Start

Andrea: “We were already using SMS, Voice, Email and Live Chat.” However, the response rates weren’t as high as we wanted them to be and felt there was room for improvement. Now that we’ve added WhatsApp, we’ve seen an increase in the response rate. Within less than one month, measuring from the launch on October 14th until November 11th, we’ve sent out 3,661 notifications and we’ve received 5,860 incoming messages via WhatsApp.”

“This WhatsApp video conversation was created for sample purposes only and may not be indicative of a real business-client conversation”

Higher Success Rate

Lunique Kroucamp-Theunissen, Group Marketing Manager at Cash Crusaders Franchising: “Since we onboarded WhatsApp Business via, we have successfully closed more deals and could reach 3 times more of our customer base via messaging communication compared to when we were only using SMS and Email. SMS and email weren’t getting the required results.”

From October 14th to November 11th, Cash Crusaders had:

• 29,951 messages coming in

• 17,984 messages going out

• 47,935 messages total

Authorized Distributor

Andrea: “We chose Authorized Distributor of the WhatsApp Business solution because the integration of WhatsApp Business via was fast and cost effective.” “At we are delighted to have Cash Crusaders as part of our mobile community. They are a well-established brand and household name in South Africa. It has been a pleasure working with Cash Crusaders to understand their needs for WhatsApp and providing a suitable solution. We look forward to continue to support them with this and other mobile channels”, said Izak Els, Business Development Manager at’s South Africa office. 

For their interaction over WhatsApp, Cash Crusaders is using’s Customer Contact tool to provide the best possible customer care via this mobile channel. Customer Contact allows you to combine SMS, Viber, WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages for Business, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger in one customer contact dashboard. More channels are added continuously. This dashboard creates order in the overload of communication channels, saves valuable time from your employees and increases your NPS. Lunique: “As a business we are looking forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with!”

Experience the Power of the Mobile Service Cloud

Do you want to support your customers in the most convenient and efficient way possible? Adopt a mobile messaging channel in your service strategy and gain more well-informed happy clients. Contact us now or visit our Mobile Service Cloud page for more information! 

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