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In transportation, time is money. Read how Zmac streamlines their operations by leveraging automated SMS tenders to carriers.


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ZMac leverages's powerful Business Messaging API and Mobile Marketing Cloud to streamline operations, enhance load tendering communication, and revolutionize logistics. Learn how you can leverage SMS to do more with less for your business.


Who is ZMac Transport?

ZMac Transportation isn't just another name in the logistics and transportation space. It stands out as a beacon of customized logistics coordination that focuses intently on the unique needs of its clients. Being a non-asset-based company, ZMac's dedication is purely on ensuring seamless movement of oversized freight. Instead, they boast a robust network consisting of thousands of prequalified carrier partners from every nook and cranny of the nation.

Website: ZMac Transport
Headquarters: Racine, WI
Size: 51 to 200 Employees
Founded: 2010
Industry: Logistics & Transportation
Revenue: $25 to $100 million (USD)

Solution: Streamline Communication and Optimize Operations

Recognizing the power of direct, instant communication, Zmac leveraged's Business Messaging API and Mobile Marketing Cloud. This partnership enabled Zmac to send texts and emails to appropriate carriers, significantly cutting down response times and streamlining operations.



Instant Communication: With, Zmac could instantly reach out to carriers, sharing details about available loads, routes, and other essential data.

Improved Open Rates: Historically, email open rates in logistics can be inconsistent. However, with's expertise, Zmac experienced a notable improvement in their email open rates.

Automated Messaging: Given that many carriers Zmac worked with were small operations, manual communications could be cumbersome.'s solution allowed Zmac to automate texts, ensuring carriers were promptly informed about load tenders.

Overcoming Dispatcher Hesitance: The challenge was not just about sending messages but also ensuring they were received by the right people. Dispatchers at carrier locations had to be convinced to register personal numbers to receive notification of the potential loads. With's trusted platform, Zmac could encourage dispatchers and management adoption to opt in, ensuring the right messages reached the right individuals.


In the transportation world, where timely decisions can mean the difference between profit and loss, Zmac and have partnered together to set a new standard for efficient communication. The partnership resulted in a synergy that powered Zmac’s operations, facilitating faster decision-making, improved responsiveness, and overall enhanced productivity.

As Zmac continues its journey, their commitment to innovation is evident in every mile. And with partners like, the road ahead looks more promising than ever.

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