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Apple Business Chat

Start Messaging Customers on Their Apple Devices

As an official Apple Business Chat partner, we’re excited to include Apple Business messaging in our Conversational Commerce offering. Apple Chat is a powerful channel that creates the ultimate user experience for iOS customers. Here’s how you can connect with customers on their Apple devices.

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Apple Business Chat Features

Let your customers engage with you

Interact with Apple Users

With Apple Business Chat, your brand can connect with up to 1.4 billion active users of Apple devices with iOS 11.3 or higher.

Enrich Customer Care

Customers can ask for help, schedule appointments or complete secure transactions with Apple Pay.

Guarantee Delivery with SMS Fallback

Reach your customers anytime and anywhere. If there is no internet connection available, an SMS fallback is initiated.

Get a Direct Connection to iOS Users

Apple Business Chat enables your business to connect directly with customers on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Customers start conversations with you via web, in-app, social media, Apple Maps, iOS Search, or by tapping on your phone number.

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Streamline Your Customer Service

Apple Business Chat allows customers to initiate conversations at their convenience and access their entire conversation history with your business.

Say goodbye to waiting lines and putting customers on hold by integrating smart automation and chatbots. With Apple business messaging, you can deliver seamless support and increase customer satisfaction.

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Drive In-Channel Purchases & Sales

The Apple Business Chat integration also streamlines payments and transactions. 

Customers can use Apple Pay to quickly and securely purchase products and services without ever leaving the conversation. After the customer authorizes payment, the payment request updates to reflect a complete transaction. It’s as easy as sending an iMessage.

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Offer a True Omnichannel Buyer Experience’s Apple Business Chat CSP Features

  1. Payments: Allow customers to pay directly in-app or in-message

  2. Scheduling: Connect your calendar & let users book appointments

  3. Lists: Make it easy for customers to see & select your offerings

  4. Verification: Maintain security while connecting with your brand

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Apple Business Chat - Omni-Channel

Customer Contact: Unify Your Messaging Channels in One Inbox is a trusted Apple Business Chat partner and leader in conversational commerce. Use our CSP, Customer Contact, to handle all business messaging and provide excellent service and support on Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp Business, SMS and more. 

Meet your customers wherever they are through one interface. Just launch Customer Contact, add your preferred messaging channels and start optimizing multi-messaging efficiency!

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Apple Business Chat Pricing

Find the right business messaging plan


Monthly Pricing


  • Get Your 1st Business Profile, Free

  • 5,000 Messages/Month*

  • Additional $0.02 for >5,000 Messages/Month*


Monthly Pricing


  • Get Your 1st Business Profile, Free

  • $99.00/Month for Each Additional Profile

  • 50,000 Messages/Month*

  • Additional $0.012 for >5,000 Messages/Month*


Monthly Pricing


  • Get Your 1st Business Profile, Free

  • $99.00/Month for Each Additional Profile

  • 50,000 Messages/Month*

  • Additional $0.009 for >5,000 Messages/Month*

  • Volume-Based Discounts Available Upon Request

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2 Ways to Use Apple Business Chat via

As a Certified Partner with Apple, CM can directly submit your Apple Business Chat request for faster turnaround & approval.

1.) Request channel access & use Apple Business Chat via's API

-- OR --

2.) Add Apple Chat to your multi-channel messaging mix with Customer Contact

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Start Apple Business Chat in 3 Steps

Create Your Free Account

Register for your free platform account through the link below. If you're an existing customer, simply log in to get started or contact sales for help.

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Request Channel Access

Once you've logged in to the platform, select the "Channels" section in your dashboard. Select "Add Other Channels" and Click "Apple Business Chat" to request access.

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Verify & Start Apple Business Chat

After you've entered all your details, our team will directly submit your request to Apple to verify your sender account. We'll also send you real-time status updates.

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