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Customer Experience

A Key Driver of Customer Satisfaction, One-Platform for Multi-Channel Messaging

The way today’s customers interact with brands is fundamentally shifting. We are moving from the digital era to the conversational era. Customers find, compare, and buy on their mobile phones. This is exactly why instant-messaging apps have become so natural for both personal and professional communication.

salesforce research study showed that 64% of consumers expect companies to respond to and interact with them in real-time, while 80% said that an immediate response to a request influences their loyalty to a brand.

To solve problems they are experiencing with a company’s service or product, consumers have turned away from phone calls and embraced chat platforms.

To address this, contact centers need to adapt to offer their customers platforms that boast instant and efficient customer engagement. The conversational era requires businesses to optimize their engagement with customers across a wide range of messaging channels.

Where pricing and solutions are similar, the key distinguishing factor will be quality customer service.

Multi-channel platforms

Consumers generally enjoy having choices. This is why it’s essential to provide multiple routes for engagement with your brand.

Younger users might opt to chat to an agent on WhatsApp, email could be better to explain in-depth problems, and SMS provides a simple fallback solution in the event that data services or access to voice communication are limited. For the more traditionally inclined customer, voice calls must remain an option.

With our Customer Contact solution, brands can meet this challenge head-on by combining several messaging channels – including SMS, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Twitter – to provide customers with multiple options.

Customer Contact offers your team a single workspace, containing all the conversation history in one place, as well as the ability to transfer conversations to different agents or support departments.

Additionally, it provides multiple touch points, analytics, quick replies, and out-of-office response management.


If you require automation of the interaction process, we can set up a chatbot in collaboration with one of our business partners.

This bot can respond to frequently asked questions or pass customers through the authentication process without the need for human intervention.

This could help your customer service team save time which could be better spent on addressing more complicated requests, which is especially valuable when agents are required to respond timely to flurries of extra-ordinary queries in unusual circumstances, such as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Chatbots can help take the strain off inundated customer service teams, so that they are able to provide quick and helpful responses during times of crisis.

Get started with Customer Contact and get your first month free. Once registered, we'll arrange a demo of Customer Contact with you.

Register your account and take a look around, it's completely free.


Register your account and take a look around, it's completely free.

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