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How To: Deliver A Seamless Customer Experience with Apple Business Chat

Any business that allows customers to digitally connect and engage with their brand must always consider ways to improve their customer journey and most importantly, retention. Whether they are reaching out for support, scheduling a meeting, or making a purchase, customers are more likely to adopt your brand and establish loyalty if the journey is simple, intuitive, and unified. enables this streamlined experience by empowering businesses in the US with Apple Business Chat... - USA | Apple Business Chat - Blog Post: How to Deliver Seamless Customer Service with Apple Business Chat

I.  What is Apple Business Chat?

Apple Business Chat enables businesses to provide the best customer care, service, and eCommerce experiences through a single Apple-Native Messaging App.

With Apple Business Chat brands can connect directly with customers by providing them with a direct path to messaging via any iOS supported device. From an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, customers can start a conversation with your brand with a simple click or touch of a button.

With over 1.4 billion active Apple iOS device users, worldwide, Apple Business Chat allows consumers to use their Apple devices as mobile, worldwide gateways.

II. What Can Apple Business Chat Solve?

Apple Business Chat makes it easy for your business to help customers simplify the way they are able to create business interactions with continuity.

With Apple Business Chat you're able to streamline and automate general processes and/or user requests all in a single Apple Messaging Conversation. In a single, asynchronous messaging conversation thread, your customer can:

  • Order lunch,
  • Schedule appointments,
  • Browse store inventory,
  • Get answers to FAQs,
  • Pay a bill or invoice,
  • Check order status,
  • and much, much more.

Not to mention, customer data remains highly secure and private until they wish to disclose their personal information.

III. The Problem With How Businesses Currently Support Customers?

Businesses that don't utilize a fully integrated platform like Apple Business Chat fail to capitalize on their ability to directly reach their customers (and vice versa) through their Apple-native messaging and communication apps.

Rather than offering support through Apple Business Chat entry points, customers have to jump through hoops to access customer support lines and often times, wait an undesired length of time to process or get a response to their request.

Businesses also face a time-consuming and unmanageable system of creating new accounts for customers to reach them through...often for simple transactions that can be easily automated through Apple Business Chat.'s Apple Business Chat reduces transaction times and ultimately centralizes user's support and shopping experience. Through a single platform, users are able to checkout orders and get in contact with customer service agents with no hassle.

IV. Offer The Best Service & Keep it Visual

Apple Business Chat provides businesses with the tools to create the ultimate streamlined customer experience. Apple Business Chat's mission is to connect customers to businesses through the apps they use every day.

Besides being a direct path to connecting with Apple Users, Apple Business Chat's true value runs on its rich and fully integrated features that support the seamless Customer Experience and journey.

We've created a list of Apple Business Chat's top features to help you better understand how you can use Apple Business Chat to hone in on your loyal Apple-user audience:

  • Verification & Authentication

Apple Business Chat's verified center allows you to brand a channel with your company's unique logo, so when a customer opens a conversation, they are sure it's you.

  • Apple Pay

Apple Pay is native to Apple devices. By integrating Apple Pay with Apple Business Chat, you allow customers to make secure payments and buy products directly InApp and directly within their messaging thread. All that is required is that their credit cards are linked to Apple Pay.

  • Scheduling

Easily integrate your calendar availability for In-App scheduling and booking. With Apple Business Chat's scheduling feature, users can request a new appointment or meeting and automatically get an in-message prompt that includes a list of available times they can directly select from.

  • iMessage Apps

Connect a list of your store locations with Apple Maps or other Apple-Native apps to check availability and/or inventory. Automate the conversation so users are directly messaged back with the appropriate application.

  • Lists

Make finding and selecting your businesses variety of available services and options easy with Apple Business Chat's Lists feature. With Lists, your business can easily upload and/or connect their business services or items with a list that automatically pops up in the conversation. Users are then able to tap to select one or more options of their choice...all through the conversation thread.

With a variety of different solutions and features Apple Business Chat delivers to help accelerate and optimize your business and/or contact center efficiency, there are also many, many more ways in which Apple Business Chat can improve your business operations entirely.

If you're interested in learning more, getting a demo, or ready to get started, contact one of's Apple Business Chat specialists, today!

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