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Apple Messages for Business 101: How to Deliver Seamless Customer Service With Apple Messages for Business

Whether reaching out for support or making a purchase, customers are more likely to choose your brand if the buyer journey is simple, intuitive, and unified. enables this streamlined experience by empowering U.S. businesses to engage with customers through Apple Messages for Business. In this blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Apple Messages for Business and find out how businesses can use it to increase brand loyalty and revenue.

I. What is Apple Messages for Business?

Apple Messages for Business allows businesses to communicate directly with customers in real-time on their iOS devices. Released in 2018 as part of Apple’s iOS 11.3 release, Apple Messages for Business is one of the newest OTT messaging channels on the playing field. 

Companies can use Business Chat to provide customer support, manage appointment scheduling, share media, and process Apple Pay payments through a single Apple-native Messaging App. 

One of the unique features of Apple Messages for Business is that customers always initiate the conversation. They can start a chat through iMessage, Safari, Maps, or Siri. 

Businesses can place QR codes and links on their website, social media, emails, and other marketing collateral to encourage customers to start a chat. Customers can instantly connect with a business to get answers to common questions, resolve issues, schedule appointments, make purchases, and more. 

Customers can chat when it’s convenient for them, and they can easily recall past conversations by looking through their iMessage history.

II. How Does Apple Messages for Business Work?

Here’s an example of how a typical conversation works in Apple Messages for Business:

  • Any iOS 11 or higher user can initiate a thread with a company that has Apple Messages for Business enabled. They can begin the conversation by searching for the brand on Safari, Maps, Siri, or Spotlight search. They can also click on a link or scan a QR Code provided by the business to start chatting. 
  • The customer can schedule appointments, RSVP to an event, ask questions, browse products, and more by chatting with a customer service representative through iMessage. 
  • Businesses can also automate frequently asked questions (such as business hours or location information) and processes to give customers immediate answers and improve the chat experience. 
  • The customer can come back to the messaging thread at any time to request support or engage with your brand. They’ll have access to the entire conversation history. 
  • Users can end the conversation by opting out of receiving more messages or deleting the conversation.

III. Apple Messages for Business Features

Apple Messages for Business's mission is to connect customers to brands through the apps they use every day.

Besides being a direct path to iOS users, Apple Messages for Business's true value lies in its rich and fully integrated features that support a seamless customer experience.

Here are a few of the top Apple Messages for Business features that allow you to hone in on your loyal Apple-user audience:

  • Verification & Authentication: Apple Messages for Business's verified center allows you to brand a channel with your company's unique logo, so when a customer opens a conversation, they are sure it's you.
  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay is native to Apple devices. By integrating Apple Pay with Apple Messages for Business, customers can make secure payments and buy products directly within their messaging thread. All they need is a credit card linked to Apple Pay.
  • Scheduling: Easily integrate your calendar availability for in-app scheduling and booking. With Apple Messages for Business's scheduling feature, users can request a new appointment or meeting and automatically get an in-message prompt with a list of available times to select from.
  • iMessage Apps: Connect a list of your store locations with Apple Maps or other Apple-Native apps so customers can check availability or inventory. Automate the conversation so users are directly messaged back with the appropriate application.
  • Lists: Make finding and selecting from your products or services easy with Apple Messages for Business's Lists feature. With Lists, you can easily upload or connect your service or product with a list that automatically pops up in the conversation. Users are then able to tap to select one or more options of their choice.

IV. Apple Messages for Business: Use Cases and Examples

Apple Messages for Business makes it easy for your company and customers to interact with continuity. 

With Apple Messages for Business, you can streamline and automate general processes and user requests all in a single conversation. In a single, asynchronous messaging thread, a customer can:

  • Schedule Appointments: Apple Messages for Business integrates with iPhone calendars to simplify booking and scheduling. 
  • Browse Store Inventory: Without leaving the conversation, customers can browse products or services and have a personalized shopping experience with an agent. When they’re ready to make a purchase, they can check out instantly with Apple Pay. 
  • Get Answers to FAQs: You can integrate custom chat flows with Apple Messages for Business to alleviate your customer support team’s stress and offer customers a virtual assistant. Give customers the option to chat with a real person if needed. 
  • Pay a Bill or Invoice: Provide customers the option to complete payments and purchases via Apple Pay with the click of a button. 
  • Check on an Order Status: Customers can go back to the conversation thread at any time to check on their order status or get tracking information. 

V. How Does Apple Messages for Business Solve Common Communication Problems?

Businesses that don't utilize a fully integrated platform like Apple Messages for Business are failing to capitalize on an opportunity to directly reach their customers (and vice versa) where they spend most of their time. 

Traditional digital channels like voice and email drag customers through hoops and long wait times just to access a support specialist.

Businesses also face a time-consuming and unmanageable system of managing support tickets across multiple channels – often for simple transactions that can be easily automated through Apple Messages for Business.'s Apple Messages for Business reduces transaction times and centralizes the customer’s support and shopping experience. Through a single platform, users can complete orders and talk to customer service agents with no hassle.

Apple Messages for Business’s suite of helpful solutions and features can accelerate and optimize your business and contact center efficiency. 

If you're interested in seeing a demo or ready to get started, get in touch with one of's Apple Messages for Business specialists today!

Interested in Apple Messages for Business for your Company? Contact our specialists, today!

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Interested in Apple Messages for Business for your Company? Contact our specialists, today!

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