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How to Get Your Customers to Use WhatsApp for Your Business' Service & Support Chat

WhatsApp for Business is a solution dedicated to simplifying the life of customer care agents. Its features help reduce unproductive and ineffective methods of contacting and engaging with customers. Using WhatsApp, helps brands deliver a personalized customer experience by allowing customers to communicate via WhatsApp.

I. Why Calls & Emails Aren't As Effective for Customer Service

Throughout a customer's journey, there are a number of circumstances that will require your brand's customer service and/or support team. As a brand dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, it's important to make your phone number and email address easily accessible for customers.

However, while keeping those support channels are still important and relevant, there are still caveats that come with limiting your customer service options to just those two. But why?

  • Phone calls are often time-consuming and for your team and aren't always the most desirable or effective method for your customers to communicate with your brand.
  • Emails are also often very time consuming as they require effort and manual processes to answer both urgent or general questions. Emails are not easily scalable when it comes to a high volume of support requests or providing a quick turnaround time for your responses.
  • Considering these potential issues, the last thing your team would want would be to lose loyal customers or prevent them from their intent and decision to make their purchase. 

II. How WhatsApp is a Win-Win for Your Brand & Customers

For this reason, WhatsApp is the ideal messaging channel for your customer care team/department. Why?

  • You can answer multiple incoming chats while customers are simultaneously typing replies to your messages.
  • You can set automatic replies that help customers remain engaged and aren't left hanging.
  • Using a virtual assistant can provide additional support, so your customers feel heard right away.

We know your team wants to be there to help customers every step of the way – and WhatsApp makes that easy. Among the overall benefits of WhatsApp, there's only one hurdle...that is, getting your customers familiar with using WhatsApp and then adopting it...

III. 3 Ways to Get Your Customers Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the top communication platforms in the US. One in every five US adults use WhatsApp (Marketing Charts, 2019).

WhatsApp Business can exponentially help your company broaden its target audience. To successfully tap into WhatsApp, it's important to understand its limitations. On WhatsApp, you can't search for customers, or find companies for that matter, by name or location. Therefore, the exposure of WhatsApp Business depends on having customers reach you first. How to have customers connect with you? We have some suggestions.

Your website is the first place customers go to find out everything about you- and reach out to you. The most effective way to create exposure to your brand's WhatsApp channel is to add a link directing customers to your WhatsApp for Business profile on your website or app (using a hyperlink, QR Code, Button Icon, etc.).

This change makes it just as easy for customers to reach you as it is for your team to implement. Why? Because we offer a ready to use HTML-code you can add to any website. Once this code is downloaded, your team is ready to go. Customers can get started with WhatsApp in three different ways. 

  1. When customers visit your website on desktop or tablet devices, a chat pop-up will show a QR-code. Scanning this code will automatically start a chat with a support agent. 
  2. When customers go to the WhatsApp Web site on desktop or tablet devices, they can reach customer support. You can inform them about this option by adding a link to it from your website. Customers will be able to connect with the support they need without any hassle. 
  3. When customers reach your website through a mobile device, there will be a chatbot that appears on the home page. They can click on it to open a new WhatsApp chat. Starting a conversation will come as naturally as connecting with a friend!

IV. Messaging That Supports Both Android & iPhone Users

Did you know you can add RCS for customers who use either Android or iPhone devices? Customers using Android phones will be able to choose from a WhatsApp platform or an Android platform, depending on their preference. Customers using an iOS supported iPhone can download ACS in addition to WhatsApp, so they can choose their favorite channel to reach out to your company's customer care team. 

Displaying a communication channel that is not suited for the user is not a smart choice. It will only depreciate its value and make the customer lose interest. To address this, we've incorporated bonus features in our code

All you need to do is embed this code in your website. It's open-source, so anyone is free to use it. Visit our developer's page if you're interested to learn more.

WhatsApp chat

V. More Ways to Increase The Use of WhatsApp for Your Business

Of course, there are numerous other opportunities to bring WhatsApp under your customer's attention. Consider placing your company's WhatsApp phone number on receipts, or adding a QR-code to your home page that links to your WhatsApp when scanned. On your website's contact page, make sure to list the WhatsApp logo and number to bring it to your customer's attention. On leaflets and brochures, add a QR-code that links to WhatsApp. Make use of the 'Click to WhatsApp' feature available in social ads. There are never too many places to remind customers you are available to help.  

We've only just mentioned ways to increase the use of WhatsApp for inbound messages- messages that come in from customers and are received by support teams. But there are many other times customers will need to hear from your team first.

For instance, what if customers want to opt-in for useful notifications, such as delivery status or shipment information, all via WhatsApp? WhatsApp Business is a proactive service that will continue to decline pressure on customer care teams while demonstrating the value of your WhatsApp service. Providing customers with your full support is essential to keep them happy and to stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Learn more about WhatsApp for Business and how can help you get started!

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Learn more about WhatsApp for Business and how can help you get started!

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