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How to Improve Employee Engagement With the Mobile Marketing Cloud

Improving employee engagement can generate higher employee retention, productivity, profit, and reduced absenteeism — what’s not to like? However, employee engagement is not a “one and done” task to check off your to-do list. How do you consistently give your employees the attention they deserve? Our Mobile Marketing Cloud platform may be the solution you’re looking for.

The Truth About Improving Employee Engagement 

Do you know just how crucial improving employee engagement is to your business success? Here are some surprising statistics:

  • According to Gallup, worldwide employee engagement is 15%. 
  • Companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable.
  • An annual study by Dynamic Signal found that ineffective company communication stresses 80% of the U.S. workforce. 63% are so stressed that they feel they can’t perform their duties and are even willing to quit their jobs.
  • 91% of surveyed employees think their leaders lack communication skills. 

So what’s the most effective way to boost engagement, and by extension, build a stronger business?


The Solution? Employee Engagement Software 

Employee engagement platforms are perfect for assisting organizations with effective company communication. According to Gartner, the purpose of employee engagement software is: 

“increase engagement and performance through such elements as recommendations, mindfulness, and connecting workers to others and to common purposes.”

In other words, using software to improve engagement can help your business connect, motivate, and bond with your employees.

An effective employee engagement platform can:

  • Keep everyone in the loop on company updates and announcements, from internal changes to product updates and more.
  • Celebrate employee and team successes by announcing an employee of the month, anniversaries, or team accomplishments. 
  • Allow team members to share their input and feedback, from text messages to photos of team building outings. 
  • Enable disengaged employees to share how they feel about their work by conducting recurring surveys.

With staff engagement software, you can create a community feeling within your organization. Regular communication makes employees feel heard and valued. Two-way communication enables you to measure employee happiness, alerting you to pain points in your workforce that can be addressed immediately.

How to Improve Employee Engagement With Mobile Marketing Cloud

Improving employee communications is a vital strategy to empower your workforce. Our Mobile Marketing Cloud includes the following mobile messaging channels to enable easy communication with your employees:

You can use our Customer Data Platform (CDP) to store employee data, helping you send appropriate, segmented messages to all employees. 

Customer Data Platform also collects data about what actions employees take on the messages you send them. CDP enables you to gather essential data on which messages employees receive, open, and click on. If employees don’t receive your messages, you can automatically resend them to ensure that every employee is always up-to-date. 


Engage Employees With Mobile Marketing Cloud’s SMS

SMS offers massive potential for company communication. How?

  • Any mobile phone can receive an SMS text, no matter the carrier. 
  • SMS messages are delivered instantly. 
  • SMS messages boast a staggering 98% open rate.
  • 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes.
  • SMS notifications are often enabled by default for Android and iOS-users, ensuring that users instantly see texts when they’re received.

Our Mobile Marketing Cloud’s SMS Campaigns contain features like SMS templates, multi-channel messaging, and Pages. Pages is the ideal tool for creating mobile landing pages, enabling your messages to exceed 160 character text limits.

Pages also offers you the possibility of two-way traffic. By building Pages with surveys and forms, you can easily retrieve feedback from your employees.

Mobile Marketing Cloud: Your Employee Engagement Platform

Keeping employees highly engaged is not only essential but is an action planning step you should attend to daily for best results. 

By using the Mobile Marketing Cloud, increasing employee engagement is a manageable task that reaps multiple rewards.

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Ready to boost employee engagement today? Try Mobile Marketing Cloud free for 14-days!

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