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Platform & Product Updates: March 2020 | is continuously updating our platform to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our goal is to empower businesses with cutting-edge tools to exceed their customer expectations. Check out the advances we've made to our Landing Pages app, Customer Contact, Apple Pay, and more...

What's New This Month?

There have been many exciting new updates since's platform updates in May 2020. Some innovations that are now available include feature upgrades to our Mobile Landing Pages app, better omni-channel Customer Contact app experience, Apple Pay release, and the latest WeChat Pay release.

Find out more by watching our video and reading the additional details, below...

I. Mobile Landing Pages

Our mobile landing Pages App has been given a major update to enhance the value that businesses are able to gain from this solution.

The app has undergone a comprehensive redesign and is also stacked with new drag-and-drop content blocks including as an image carousel, payment links, and customizable forms and form fields.

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II. Customer Contact

Customer Contact, the all-in-one, omni-channel messaging app helps brands stay in touch and connected to their customers over the messaging channel of their preference.

To create a more intuitive, modern, and streamlined user experience, has updated the design of its user interface, the user experience/flow, and enhanced its overall performance.

The latest version of the Customer Contact app along with its new features and updates include:

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III. Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes in-app, online retail (AKA eCommerce), and other online payment methods a walk in the park.

Apple Pay's online payment method enables iOS device users (Apple device users) to make payments directly through their trusted Apple accounts. With Apple Pay, payments can be made with a touch of a button via their iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices supported by iOS. also offers an integration between Apple Messages for Business and Apple Pay for collecting payments via Apple Pay directly within your iMessage conversation.

IV. WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay now offers its services to European merchants. WeChat Pay offers a QR code system that carries out payment transactions, both online and offline, with the scan of a unique QR code. is working hard to provide customers in the United States with WeChat Pay. For more information regarding the status of WeChat Pay for the United States, stay tuned.

Interested to Increase Customer Engagement? Find Out More About's Innovative Platforms and Tools

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Interested to Increase Customer Engagement? Find Out More About's Innovative Platforms and Tools

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