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Platform Updates: September 2020

Every day, hundreds of's developers work on improving the platform. For September's Platform update, we will go through what changes, additions, and overall enhancements were made to improve and enhance the platform experience.

Overview:'s September 2020's Platform Updates values providing clients with technology that's always at the forefront of the market trends. We take the power of our client feedback and perform utilize ongoing resources for market intelligence to develop a solutions-driven platform.

Our goal is to empower businesses with solutions-driven tools that deliver what they want and how they need it.

Check out what updates to the platform that's expert developers launched this September...

Customer Data Platform "CDP"

  1. Automated Syncing: Address Book & Segments
  2.'s Customer Data Platform "CDP" is even more efficient than before. We've automated the process of syncing your address book with the customer segments in the CPD.
  3. Now, there's no need for manual steps required to send a Campaign. Segments are now automatically updated, and reflect any changes including adding or removing contacts from your address book.

  4. Exporting Segments: Facebook & Instagram Retargeting Ads
  5. Our Customer Data Platform is now equipped to enhance your social media retargeting ads via Facebook or Instagram paid campaigns.
  6. Easily export your desired customer Segments from our CDP to Facebook or Instagram and launch retargeting social ad campaigns that are more targeted and optimized than before.

Pages (Mobile Landing Pages)

  1. Real-Time Stats: QR Code Performance
  2. Keep your users updated on how well your campaign is performing via your mobile landing page.
  3.'s Page tool now includes a dynamic field that you can directly place onto your Mobile Landing Page.
  4. This dynamic field monitor and records traffic to your landing page generated through a campaign-specific QR Code. Your QR Code campaign performance is tracked and displayed in real-time.

  5. URL Generator: Sharing Public Links
  6. Sharing your mobile landing page is now easier than before using our page URL link generator tool located in the dashboard.
  7. Before this update, the only method of sending a link/URL to your page, was by sharing the page to individual recipients, manually.
  8. Now, sharing the URL to a page is easier than ever. Located on the Page Dashboard, simply click our: "Share Public Link" button and generate a unique link to your custom page.

Sign (e-Signatures)

  1. New Price Packages: Flexible Bundle Plans
  2. This month we released's new pricing packages available for Sign, our e-Signatures Product.
  3. Our team of product marketers performed extensive market and customer research and analysis to determine pricing plans fit for every business and budget in mind.
  4. Now, users can use sign without committing to a monthly subscription plan.
  5. Our new pricing plans offer Sign via bundles that include 50 documents valid for a year. We offer three options that vary in cost based on the volume of signed documents as well as different benefits and features offered.

Voice Management

  1. Voice Accounts: Create & Manage Multiple
  • We introduced streamlined features to our Voice Management tool that helps you save time and simplifies the process of managing multiple Voice accounts. Here are some benefits you'll notice right away:
  1. When onboarding multiple customers. Now, you can create new voice accounts right away by easily adding multiple voice accounts at once. Simply input the new account/user name into a field and add a comma between each user to separate the users – create new voice accounts in a click of a button.
  2. Updating a global price list for multiple Voice accounts. Simply check boxes to select the desired accounts that you want to update with a new/custom price list and update all accounts at once with a click of a button.
  3. Embed our API in your software and create SIP Trunks directly via API. You can find all the document here: SIP account API.

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