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SMS Partners with Google to Provide Verified SMS for Businesses was recently accepted as a Google Official & Directly partner to offer their Verified SMS for Businesses solution as a certified provider. As an Official Google Partner, can provide businesses with a direct request for SMS Verification – eliminating the need to use any uncertified third-party vendors. With Verified SMS, businesses can effectively and productively communicate with their customers via SMS and provide customers with an extra layer of trust when they receive the message. This verification method allows businesses to eliminate or reduce number spoofing, spam, and fraudulent representation of their company brand.

Trustworthy Business Communications with Verified SMS Messaging

SMS messages help businesses share useful information with consumers, things like one-time passwords, account alerts, or appointment confirmations. It can be challenging to trust the identity of these messages, often sent from a random number. Some times, these messages are sent from fraudulent numbers pretending to be businesses you trust. Unverified SMS messages pose enormous risks to customers as it's common that these fraudulent senders ask for private information or send links to dangerous websites—this is called phishing.

Verification Helps Reduce Fraud

Verified SMS adds an extra layer of security to SMS text messaging communications between organizations and customers alike. Companies that actively use Google's Verified SMS solution automatically indicate the company's validity when they contact customers via SMS. When a brand's SMS is verified, their company logo, a short description of their company, and a verification confirmation appear on the recipient's screen. When a message is verified—your business and customers will see the business name, logo, and verification badge directly in the message thread. When organizations are denied or unable to get verified, recipients receive an extra warning, for example, when they attempt to click on web links. The solution aims to reduce fraud risks, such as spoofing and smishing, drastically. Banks, payment companies, insurance companies, and telecom companies, in particular, benefit from this increased security when protecting their customers and their brand's trust & credibility. is One of the First Certified Provider of Verified SMS

To become a certified provider, worked extensively with Google on testing and feedback rounds. As a result, is now one of the first direct and certified suppliers of Verified SMS. Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO at, is proud of the new solution in's portfolio:

"As an organization that focuses on conversational commerce, a solution like Verified SMS is essential to our platform offering. It enables reliable connections between businesses and consumers. Since establishing this connection, both CM and our customers have been extremely pleased with the outcome."

Verified SMS Access & Availability

To get Verified SMS for your business, register directly through

Availability to Verified SMS for Business is gradually expending, currently accessible to the U.S., India, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada, with more to come. 

Get Verified SMS for your Business, today. Don't risk the reputation of your business' communications!

Get Verified SMS

Get Verified SMS for your Business, today. Don't risk the reputation of your business' communications!

Get Verified SMS
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