Innovation's Director of North America, Brian Grushcow Interview Featured in Medium & Thrive Global

Brian Grushcow,'s North American Director, and recognized Sales and Communications thought-leader provides insights and expertisé in his interview: “How To Be Great At Sales Without Seeming Salesey.” His press interview has recently was recently featured on two major publications: Medium & Thrive Global.

Brian Grushcow Press: Feature In Medium & Thrive Global | - Man With Laptop Image

Quote from Brian's Interview with Medium (Authority Magazine):

"The art, science, and psychology of sales take patience. There is an emphasis on asking questions and listening. Sales should be studied as a foundation of any curriculum. Rather, it’s taught on-the-job at a school of hard knocks."...

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Brian Grushcow Interview with Thrive Global:

“Take every opportunity to meet your prospect in person"..."It is statistically more likely to form the best personal connections with those you have met or have gotten to know in person. It allows"...
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