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Ensure Safer Conversations via Google Verified SMS

Google certifies your business' identity via Verified SMS to help customers ensure messages from your brand are real.

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Verified SMS for your business messaging

SMS messages are often sent from a random number, which makes it hard for customers to know which numbers to trust. Google introduced Verified SMS which verifies the identity of your brand and helps improve your customers' trust in your company and your brand.

Verified SMS

Get Your Brand Officially Verified by Google

Eliminate number spoofing and the abuse of your company brand. Fraudulent messaging is a growing issue, with more and more dangerous phishing and spam attempts being sent out.

Some senders pretend to be businesses that people trust, benefiting from the trust your brand has instilled in consumers.

Ensure that your consumers always know it's you by getting your brand officially verified by Google. Each SMS (on Android) will be verified so recipients are ensured that the message is sent by a specific, trusted business.

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Verified SMS

Get Registered for Verified SMS, Today!

More and more businesses already sending SMS are getting verified every day.

Sign up now through and get Verified SMS by Google.

Start implementing safer and more trustworthy measures to help your customers feel more comfortable engaging with your business' messaging and communications.

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Register on the platform, apply for Verified SMS and your brand will get checked within just 3 days or contact us for more information.

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